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One of the nice features in Tableau’s online community is the ability to post ideas and have other users “vote up” the suggestion for inclusion in a future release (from the Tableau home page: Support > Community > Ideas). An example is addressing Tableau’s current limitation of essentially one data layer in a map. I know from firsthand experience this type of display is popular with our executive leadership and is needed by multiple areas of the institution. There is a work around using dual axis, but this still does not give you the complete functionality of an additional map layer and definitely is not a part of an easy to use tool set.


Be sure to search first to see if an idea has already been posted. If so, just vote and add comments if you want. Here is the posting regarding map formatting:


If you are a registered Tableau user, add your vote to this one if you wish. But mainly I wanted to make you aware of this communication path if you want to add a product improvement suggestion for Tableau. I do know for a fact the Tableau people are looking at these ideas.