• Average Annual Giving Units Based Upon Weekly Giving Units

    What I have attached shows the weeks by row and the FY by column. The weeks display the total number of distinct count giving units (households who have made a contribution to the church) on a weekly basis. I have the...
    Ryan Eckhoff
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  • Shapes Presentation.pptx

    Slides from the 10/13/16 meeting about shapes and polygons.
    Spencer Swartz
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  • TC16 Slides

    If your user group is interested in learning more about what they can expect to see at TC16 this year feel free to use this slide deck!
    Brandon Ohlaug
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  • Drive Your Message Home with the Right Dashboard

    Technical Evangelist and manager of the Tableau Zen Master Program, Andy Cotgreave shares his advice on understanding your dashboard needs so you can design to succeed.
    Brandon Ohlaug
    created by Brandon Ohlaug
  • Visual Analytics presentation - David Edwards

    This is a presentation given by David Edwards, ACT at the first Eastern Iowa Tableau User Group.   The content focuses on why Visual Analytics - in contrast to Statistical Analytics - is a useful approach to tak...
    David Edwards
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