• Anchorage group Active?

    Is this group active?  I see some other sources which suggest the last meeting was several months ago.  It looks like meetings used to be at night, which precludes some folks' participation.  Would anyo...
    David Woodley
    created by David Woodley
  • Videoconference in other Alaskan Locations to the Anchorage User Group Meeting?

    Hi There, Just wondering if we can have a video conference for the upcoming Anchorage Tableau User Group Meeting on May 6 from 6-8pm, so others across Alaska could join? Who exactly is running the meeting? Thanks! ...
    Candice Krupa
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  • Juneau Members

    We are getting tableau for our office and wanted to know if anyone in this group is in Juneau
    Kathy Erm
    created by Kathy Erm