How To Create Fact Key

Version 1

    Hello Tableau Community,


    In my table containing just 3 columns, product name, product description, product manufacturer; how can I create unique product ID key by means of calculations / measures that gets assigned to teach row?


    More importantly, can duplicate rows be handled when concatenating these data values?


    Sample Data:


    Product Name
    Product DescriptionProduct ManufacturerProduct ID
    PencilFine Point 0.7 mmZebra USA?
    PencilFine Point 0.5 mmPaper Mate USA?
    PenPilot G6 07Paper Mate USA?


    I would like to understand if there is a way to automatically generate human readable product ID based on these 3 columns?


    One of the basic ways is to understand the data really well and create look up tables so that first row gets assigned 1-1-1 product ID, second row gets assigned 1-2-2 and finally third row gets assigned 2-3-2. But I am looking for formula based technique than dealing the assignment at atomic level which is quite tedious!


    Thanks in advance,

    Dhanashree Arole