Welcome to the Vizable Community!

Version 3

    The Vizable Community is a great place to find data, share data, share insights, and learn more about how to use Vizable.


    • To get started, check out the Resources section. This has information on how to use Vizable and provides any information you might need.





    • Have the lay of the land, but now want some data to explore? Visit Data.  There are sample data sets, Vizable recipes (these help you get the data that's relevant to you from applications you already use - think Mint), or see data others' have shared.


    • Finally, share a .viz file, ask a question, or start a discussion in the Forum and be on your way!


              1. Start a discussion. Click "Attach" in the lower right corner.


              2. Navigate to the .viz file on your iOS device or computer.


           3. Post!