Requirements and Recommendations

Version 6

    Here are Vizable's system requirements and recommendations for data file and data set sizes.


    System requirements


    You can install Vizable on any device running iOS 8 or later.


    Note: Vizable is optimized for devices from 2014 and later, like the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, and later generations. If you run Vizable on previous generation hardware, you might encounter issues that can't be addressed.


    iPhone compatibility:

    • iPhone 6 (all versions) - Optimized
    • iPhone SE - Optimized
    • iPhone 5s - Optimized
    • iPhone 5 and 5c - Functional
    • iPhone 4s - Functional
    • iPhone 4 and older - Not recommended


    iPad compatibility:

    • iPad Pro - Optimized
    • iPad Air 2 - Optimized
    • iPad Mini 3 - Optimized
    • iPad Air - Functional
    • iPad Mini 2 - Functional
    • Older iPad models - Not recommended


    For more information about iPad models and release dates, visit the Apple Support site.




    We recommend that you limit data you work with in Vizable to the following:

    • File sizes of less than 25 MB.
    • Data sets that contain fewer than 200,000 rows.


    Vizable's performance with your data set depends on a number of factors:

    • Device type
    • Number of rows
    • Number of columns
    • File format
      • CSV files have the best performance.
      • XLSX files are smaller, but slower.
      • XLS files are faster, but larger.
    • Data types


    As your data set increases in size and complexity, you might notice some of the following:

    • Files take longer to import.
    • Files are not imported correctly because of insufficient memory.
    • Adding category columns to the viz takes longer, particularly when those columns have many members.
    • The app might exit unexpectedly.