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    Vizable 1.5

    Released July 14, 2016


    Vizable 1.5 now runs on your iPhone too! Wherever you are, you’ve got the power of Vizable in your pocket. As an added bonus, you can now hold down the Undo or Redo button to move through your entire revision history at once.


    Vizable 1.4

    Released May 25, 2016


    In Vizable 1.4, dive deeper with features that empower your data exploration. When you create the perfect viz, save it by tapping the star icon. Then you can keep exploring without losing your gem of a view. Plus, we’ve added a sweet help menu that interactively teaches the app’s core gestures—so get ready to become a pro. And as an added bonus (we couldn’t help ourselves), check out the brand new calc, Percent of Count Unique. You asked, we delivered. Now get out there!


    Get moving with these new features:

    • Saved Views: Tap the star icon in the upper right to save views.
    • Help menu: Tap the question mark icon in the upper right to view a list of one-step, interactive tutorials. BONUS: The “Get Started” option enables a brand new onboarding experience.
    • Percent of Count Unique: Tap a number column header to open the Change Field pane, and choose “% of Unique Values” under Count.


    Vizable 1.3

    Released February 29, 2016


    In Vizable 1.3, flexibility is key. Vizable is now smarter about treating your fields as categories or numbers. Want to change a number field to a category, or a category to a number? Just tap and hold that column header, then drag it where it belongs! Plus, find out how many unique values are in your data with count unique, a brand new calculation type. Don’t settle for ordinary when your data can be (count) unique. :-)


    Get moving with these new features:

    • Switch category and number fields: Tap and hold a column header, and drag it from one side of the screen to the other. (Refresher: categories live on the left; numbers live on the right.)
    • Count Unique: Flick up or down on a number column header to find Count Unique, or tap a number column header and choose “Count" in the Change Field pane.
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements: They’ll find you.



    Vizable 1.2

    Released February 3, 2016


    In Vizable 1.2, data analysis and sharing take center stage. Answer even more questions than before with % of total, and zero in on your discovery with easier filtering. Can’t find the filter you’re looking for? Search filters (and fields) with a swipe. Once you’re done, send your Viz file to other Vizable users to let them to explore for themselves.


    Get moving with these new features:

    • Share Viz files: Tap the share icon to send a Viz file with underlying data to anyone.
    • Search: Pull down on a filter or field menu to reveal a search bar.
    • % of Total: Tap a number column header to choose between value (#) and % of total.
    • Control filters: Tap Add Filter, and swipe right to include only that filter (just like you would with a bar in your viz!).



    Vizable 1.1

    Released November 2, 2015


    In Vizable 1.1, use Vizable the way you want to! Try Slide Over and Split View to multitask, or rotate your iPad to check out portrait view.


    • Multitasking: Vizable now supports Slide Over and Split View
    • Portrait view: Use Vizable in the orientation that feels right
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements


    Vizable 1.0

    Released October 19, 2015


    With Vizable, answer questions with your data as soon as you can ask them.


    • Transform data into interactive graphs and charts
    • Pan and zoom through data stored in CSV and Excel files
    • See patterns and understand relationships
    • Analyze trends and explore data over time
    • Beautiful animations help you see relationships
    • Share your data stories

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