Enterprise TUG Webinar 9.2 Upgrade Summary

Version 2

    We had a great Webinar about enterprise server upgrade (why, how and new feature demo). About 30 people joined the webinar.  Audience survey feedback is 4.4 (1-5 scale & 5 being the awesome). Mark Wu and Santosh Adari talked about "love & hate" situation for every Tableau release. People love the new features and Tableau's pace of innovation. But enterprise customers dislike the efforts, downtime, and risks associated with each upgrade. Unfortunately choosing doing nothing is not a good option either since Desktop users may have one-click Product Updates feature to upgrade their Desktop before server is upgrade - if it happens, users who have new version of Desktop (not at maintenance release level but major or minor release level, like 9.1 to 9.2) can't publish workbooks to server, any workbooks opened and saved by 9.2 Desktop can't be opened by 9.1 Desktop anymore. You will have a lot frustrated Desktop users. It is a lot of communication work of asking all Desktop users not to upgrade their Desktop till server is upgraded. The longer it takes for the server upgrade, the more communication work for enterprise server team......  Which means that doing nothing on server side is actually a lot of work as well. So NetApp's approach was to upgrade the server ASAP - NetApp did 9.2 upgrade within 10 days since 9.2 general release, which is win-win for Desktop users and server team.


    Mark Wu did good demo about some new features on server side and Desktop side: Smart Data Prep, Web editing, Total Control and Web Data Connector. The audience voted favorite new features are Smart Data Prep (9.2 is able to detect spreadsheet sub-tables automatically) and Web Data Connector.


    Next Webinar will be 9-10am March 1st Tue focusing on workbook performance.