Tableau 9.2 server upgrade experience

Version 1

    Tableau 9.2 was released on Dec 7th. Our production Tableau 16-core server was upgraded to 9.2 on Dec 17. The upgrade process took about 3 hours. It was very smooth and easy for us.


    Why upgrade? We have 260+ Desktop users. A lot of them saw the Desktop 9.2 upgrade reminder at their lower right corner of their Tableau Desktop. Some users ask if they can upgrade their Desktop. The problem is that any workbooks developed by Desktop 9.2 can't be published to 9.1 Tableau server. It is a lot of education to ask 260+ Desktop users to hold for their Desktop upgrade. I wish that I would have a pop-up message to overwrite Tableau’s default Desktop upgrade reminder, but I do not have the option…


    So our game plan is to upgrade the Tableau server ASAP. We upgraded Stage server on Dec 10th, with one week of test & validation, we upgraded our production server to 9.2. Of course, 9.2 has some great features (like iPhone support, smart Data prep, Mapbox integration, Project permission, etc) which we’d like our users to leverage.


    We just followed Tableau’s overall upgrade process @


    For our configuration, the upgrade procedures used are as following:


    a. Backup primary server configuration

    b. Clean up logs

    c. Create backup copy

    d. Uninstall workers

    e. Uninstall primary server

    f. Install workers

    g. Install primary server

    h. Verify configuration settings