Managing a Group in the Tableau Community

Version 2

    Some things have changed since the upgrade with how to manage groups in the Tableau Community.


    • How do I control who can see my group?


    As an admin of a group, click on Manage>Settings. Then, click on About in the left corner. Here, you will have the ability to choose the type of group (Open, Members Only, Private, or Secret)






    • How do I control what type of content is shown in my group?


      Again, click on Manage>Settings. Under "Group Features and Activity" there will be a small gear icon to the right. Then, check or un-check the type of content you'd like for your group to have.





    • How do I add my upcoming meetings?


    Click on the Activity link under your group name. Next to the Key Dates, there is another gear icon. This will allow you to add a date with a link to Eventbrite.




    • How do I update the Overview page?


    To update the front page, click Manage>Overview page. Here you will see the various layouts and different widgets that can be added to the page by dragging and dropping them into the desired container.




              The widgets are broken out into 4 different categories: Content, Places, People, and Other.


              The most frequently used widgets are:

        • Content > Recent Activity (this shows all the recent actions people have made)
        • Content > Search Widget
        • Content > Featured Content (this shows any piece of content that is marked as "Add to Featured Content")
        • Other > Actions (this allows the ability for people to quickly start a new discussion)
        • Other > HTML
        • Other > Formatted Text



    • How do I change the banner of my group?

            There is no way to change the gray banner on your group page. However, you can add a sub banner to your page using either the Formatted Text or HTML widget.


    • How do I invite people to my group?


      Click on Manage>Members. Enter their email address or search for them by clicking on the icon to the right to search for members in the community.