Welcome to Silicon Valley Enterprise Analytics TUG

Version 1

    Hello everyone, My name is Mark Wu. I work for NetApp as Sr. IT Manager for BI.  NetApp’s Tableau server added 2,600 users in less than 10 months. I drive company’s Tableau community, chair enterprise Tableau Operating Council, and own the enterprise Tableau server. NetApp’s TC15 presentation about Tableau enterprise self-service deployment was well received.


    I met many Tableau enterprises customers at TC15. My observation is that many of us are still in the early stage of enterprise self-service deployment. When I shared the idea of having a forum where enterprise analytics practitioners can come together and collaborate about process and methodologies to deploy Tableau in enterprise, I heard very strong support from many of you. I am motivated to create this TUG.

    I know that there is San Francisco Bay Area Tableau User Group (SFBATUG) that has been organizing awesome Tableau events for whole Bay Area. Myself went to some of those events and love those events. I will continue to participate SFBATUG events.  Other than Silicon Valley Enterprise TUG (SVETUG) is South Bay based, one key differentiator is that SVETUG focuses on Tableau Enterprise deployment only:

    • How to balance governance with self-service
    • How business & IT work effectively together
    • How to avoid multiple versions of KPIs when business is empowered to build dashboards
    • How to make enterprise data available w/o creating negative impacts
    • How to build Enterprise Tableau CoE
    • How to protect the value of sharing enterprise analytics platform
    • Tableau server architecture, HA, scalability, monitoring, automations…
    • Enterprise licensing models
    • ….

    Silicon Valley Enterprise TUG (SVETUG)’s website is http://www.enterprisetableau.com. You can also find us @ Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/grp/home?gid=7018539&trk=my_groups-tile-grp


    Participate, drive and have fun with Tableau…..