Tableau User Group - Las Vegas - October 2015 - Meeting Notes and Presentation

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    Las Vegas Tableau User Group Meeting – October 2015


    Just a quick follow-up after our meeting. Thanks for attending!


    1. DraftKings Case Study: As requested, I put together a sample viz using the data from the 400K entries.  The viz is posted on the TUG group page: and on the TUG Tableau Public site :

    2. Tableau Conference 2015:. It is next week!  For those of you who will be attending (whether for the first time or not, please let me know if you want to chat prior to the event to make the most of your time at the MGM Grand!)

    3. Gaming/Hospitality Special Event @ Tableau Conference 2015:  In case you didn’t receive the marketing blast from Tableau, I'll be co-presenting at a joint event sponsored by Tableau and Neudesic aimed at the Gaming and Hospitality Industries.  It is limited space and pre-registration is required; but you do not need to be a TC attendee to register (it’s open!).  The event will be taking place on Monday 10/19 2:30pm-4:00pm. More information and the registration link is here:

    4. Virtual Tableau Conference:  There is a Virtual Conference which is completely free!  Register here before it starts next week!

    5. Next Meeting:  Will most likely be the first week of December.  Thanks to those of  you who have offered to host.  I will reach out to the group to see if we can find an alternate venue to change things up!

    6. Content: Based on the feedback from the group, for our next meeting I will largely use the suggested topics: Calculated fields, data manipulation, geocoding street addresses, missing values. If you have any others, pls let me know.

      If you have any other questions or feedback, as always, please feel free to ping me directly!

      - Michael

      Tableau User Group - Las Vegas



    Sample image from case study below. Click to use it on Tableau Public!