Tableau User Group - Las Vegas - July 2015 - Meeting Notes and Presentation

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    Las Vegas Tableau User Group Meeting - July 30th
    Just a quick follow-up after our meeting.  Thanks to all who could make it!

    1. TUG Data / Competition: The data for the Global Tableau User Group competition that we reviewed is available here:  Please read the deck for more notes on what we did!  (and look at the Viz Process for a loose framework on building vizzes!)  Our modest competition entries are here: and  There will be public review of all of the entries ; I'll keep you posted when they are live.
    2. Level of Detail hands-on walkthrough deferred to October.  If you want us to use your data for this, pls send and I'll take a look.
    3. Survey / Meeting Content:  I'll be sending out a survey to ask a number of questions regarding the TUG and content for the next meeting.  Please be on the lookout for it!
    4. Text Messaging Walkthrough:  It will work until my account is depleted of $.   Open a new free account if it's not working for you for testing purposes!
    5. Next Meeting:  Will be 10/1 at the Windmill Library!  I've included link to a placeholder meeting invitation prior to the official Tableau e-mail blast.  Click for TUG October 1st Meeting Invitations (both office hours / regular meeting)
    6. Office Hours:  I think this month's Agenda didn't reflect the office hours timing correctly.  I'll hold open Q&A time before (and after) the TUG meetings.  If you've got an issue and want to ask someone, please come on by.

    If you have any other questions or feedback, as always, please feel free to ping me directly!

    - Michael

    Tableau User Group - Las Vegas