Las Vegas Tableau User Group May 2015 Meeting Update

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    Las Vegas Tableau User Group Meeting

    Just a quick follow-up after our meeting on May 7th.  Thanks to all who could make it!


    1) Congrats to Sanae for winning the competition this month!   Sanae's viz competition entry is uploaded to Tableau Public here:   It had a lot of great examples covering a broad range of topics: story points, data quality, word clouds, histograms, boxplots, trendlines, embedded images, webpage, parameter-driven variables, and more!!!


    2)  As I mentioned, some of you had issues that would require further investigation.  Please feel free to ping me if you would like me to help you get them resolved.


    3)  I'm going to plan for our next meeting on either June 25th (Thu) or July 8th (Wed).   Please let me know your preference if you have one.    I will most likely try to hold office hours beforehand in case anyone wants to discuss anything in more detail.


    4)  Presentation is appended below and available in PDF on the LV TUG page here:


    5) We'll cover Level of Detail and other topics in the next meeting.  Boxplots were requested.. Any other topics of specific interest?


    6) Resources for  1)  Ideas:  Viz of Day   2) Training: Tableau Online Training


    - Michael