Tableau User Group - Las Vegas - 2015-02-26 Meeting Notes

Version 1

    Hello all - these are the notes and meeting deck from our February LVTUG.


    - Michael


    Feb 26th agenda: (actual vs planned - PDF of meeting notes attached)
    3:40pm - Intro

    3:45pm - Viz Competition

       Finally - we have.... Co-Winners:  Ramon Montez and Nick Rennie!  Great effort from both of them -  Congrats! - (Nick - Please make sure to hit me up for your prize!)

         Their handiwork is uploaded to the LVTUG Community Page here: and on the Tableau Public LVTUG Page here:


    4:10pm - Alteryx demonstration (great standalone/adjunct tool for Tableau and advanced analytics) Demo from Britt Bohn -  Please ping Britt if you'd like to get more info / see it working in your environment against your issues!


    5:00pm - Break

    5:05pm - (DEFERRED) Group 1: Hands-on walkthrough - (TBD - filters, actions, parameters, calculations, data import/blending/join types)

    5:05pm - Group 2: Tableau 9.0 beta hands-on time


    5:15pm - Demo: How to send static reports via Outlook email (not fully automated) using Excel VBA!   The file I used is attached.  It may not be production ready but you can ask me if you want to get it working in your environment...It's zipped but if your email system freaks out because it is an Excel Macro file, let me know and we can get it to you another way..  there's more detail on the community page...


    5:25pm - Open discussion / review / next session planning

        Update: I am still considering whether to have a meeting at our regular location on April 16th or find an alternate venue.  I will most likely send out a survey to get feedback based on options in a week or so.

    A request was made to have more interaction / deeper discussion... I'll be updating the format of the TUG to accommodate!


    5:30pm - Closing / troubleshooting / networking

    6:00pm - Venue closes.


    Reminders:   Past meeting decks are available on the LVTUG Community Page here:
    If you need help - please reach out and let me know!


    - Michael


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