Sending Static Tableau Viz Images via Outlook Email (and automating it) with Excel VBA

Version 1

    Sometimes you've got an audience that can't handle the truth or the interactivity that comes with Tableau and just wants a static image to look at.  You can deliver that with this tool...


    This Excel workbook has been set up as a Visual-Basic for Apps macro-enabled  template for using it in a Windows Scheduler automation situation.  It can be used to grab static images from a Tableau Server or Tableau Public and send them via Outlook to a distribution audience.  It requires the TABCMD command-line utility installed with Tableau Server (and has to match versions - can't just grab anything...).   You don' tneed to have server installed but you do need the utility.   Also you need to be able to run Macros in Excel..


    Once you have tabcmd installed, just update the parameters in the Excel workbook - paths, users, emails, login, password, etc... and then click the button.


    you can alter the VBA code to set this to run automatically upon open.

    once that is done, you can schedule this to be run with Windows Scheduler.