Tableau User Group - Las Vegas - 2015-01-22 Meeting Notes

Version 1

    Hello all,


    This update has been delayed a bit.  We're switching to a new meeting notification/management system (Eventbrite)  Tableau announced they will be sponsoring an additional event - specifically for Tableau 9.0.  So instead of one, you'll get two!

    Please find the update for our January meeting attached/inline below.  It's also posted to the Las Vegas Tableau Group page here:  



    The next regular meeting will be on February 26, 2015: 3:30pm-5:30pm  - Thursday - Windmill Library.  The second event for Tableau 9.0 will be on  March 11, 2015 - starting at 2:30pm.  I'll send a placeholder meeting for Feb 26th (and Mar 11 when it locks in on logistics) until the official Eventbrite notification goes out.


    Please don't forget - if you haven't gotten your Viz for the competition done, the data set is here on Tableau Public:


    I hope to see you all at both events! 



    - Michael


    Tableau User Group - Las Vegas

    Feb 26th agenda: (tentative)
    3:30pm - Intro

    3:35pm - Viz Competition

    4:00pm - Alteryx demonstration (great standalone/adjunct tool for Tableau and advanced analytics)

    4:45pm - Group 1: Hands-on walkthrough - (TBD - filters, actions, parameters, calculations, data import/blending/join types)

    4:45pm - Group 2: Tableau 9.0 beta hands-on time

    5:15pm - Open discussion / review / next session planning

    5:30pm - Closing / troubleshooting / networking

    6:00pm - Venue closes.