Tableau User Group - Las Vegas - 2014-06-05_Annotated_Final.pdf

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    This is the presentation and agenda used for the Las Vegas Tableau User Group meeting at the Windmill Library in Las Vegas on June 5, 2014 at 3:30pm.     Annotated notes and action items are included in the document and provided below.



    - Michael


    3:30 - Welcome
    Sign-up sheet - Please sign in!
    Emails will only be collected for Tableau User Group communication and will not be distributed.
    Look for email from for future communications.
    Bookmark the Tableau User Group LV Page for meeting notes / updates / information -
    Ironically, screen recording did not work, but audio did.  Audio posted to:
    3:40 - Introductions
    Industries represented:  Education, Media, Manufacturing / Materials, Gaming
    3:50 - Presentation: Tableau at IGT
    4:00 - Rapid-Fire Show and Tell: Bring your own vizzes
    Ron Lohoff from IGT provided some examples
    Slot floor mock-up
    Key Concept: dynamic row/column chart panel charts
    Question: How to set up data to consistently show same object in same location? [Education/Sandip]
    Suggestion: Need to avoid gaps in data and potentially use indexes, ranks, "order by" to ensure visual consistency.   Table calculations also can be used.
    Performance Charts
    Key Concept: independent top "N" lists
    Key Concept: PowerPoint Presentation template using Tableau / Excel-based templating.
    Baseball Charts:
    Key Concept: custom shapes in Tableau Repository
    Key Concept: floating dashboard elements - control size width and location
    4:15 - Tableau User Group objective / mtg format discussion
    Objectives seem reasonable.
    Plan to put together introduction section for best practices / Tableau reference documents within the community. Please contribute!
    Awareness / Education
    Broadly use the full power of Tableau
    Technical Proficiency / Problem Solving  (add’l here..)
    Visual Design / Critique
    Report automation / Scripting
    Architecture / Plumbing / Performance Tuning including SQL/ETL
    Product Feedback
    What doesn't work / what do you want to see
    Networking / Industry Expertise
    Format seems good; will keep similar structure for now.
    Show and tell / feedback sessions - bring in your stuff!
    4:30 - Presentation topic volunteers / location discussion
    For the next meeting, we will use the same location to make things easier but a few people have offered to potentially host.
    Will work on logistics planning to have teed up for 3rd meeting.
    If regional pockets (Henderson/Summerlin/Strip/etc) have demand, please reach out to me so I can work on this.
    Presentation volunteer queue:  Sandip, Ron, Nick
    For presenters, any major issues with the planned date?
    Will be planning to bring in Alteryx (Tableau vendor partner) to present at next session.
    4:40 - Scheduling discussion
    Plan is to do this in about 4-5 weeks to keep momentum going.  Every other month or quarterly too long in between.
    Thursday 3:30pm timing
    4:45 - Networking / Assistance matching discussion
    After regular session for each meeting, there will be open-discussion / 1:1 help available.  Please let Michael know if you need help or are willing to provide support.
    4:55 - Wrap-Up
    Tableau Customer Conference is coming up in Seattle (Tableau's home town). 
    Action Items/ Issues (Status: Date/Aging)
    Tableau data loss: try using older versions through 4.x available at ESDALT - (Active: 6/5/2014)
    Tableau 8.2 Mac Beta Information below - will not be posted on user group page (Reference: 6/5/2014)
    Use Tableau Viz of the Day to get example of what is out there - (Reference: 6/5/2014)
    Ron to work on a presentation template for Tableau / color pickers  / look-feel (Active: 6/5/2014)
    Sankey Charts - [Education/Sandip] - Found this: (near bottom) - (Active: 6/5/2014)
    Data blending/joining performance with filters/indexing [Gaming / Bryan] ; 30 columns  / 15 mm rows (Active: 6/5/2014)
    Training / Adoption best practices [Gaming/Bryan] (Active: 6/5/2014)