Know Before We Go: Information on the New Community Forum

Version 8

    The Tableau Community Forums are migrating to a new platform!


    The Community Forums were built on a software system that has reached its end of life and is no longer being supported. When our team found out that our current platform was going to sunset, we set out to find a new system that was better suited to our needs. We collected feedback and worked closely with our Forum Ambassadors to build a new, more robust community forum intentionally designed to support our vibrant community!


    We are incredibly excited to launch the new site and to share it with all of you! We have put together a number of Frequently Asked Questions documents for our community members and answered some of the most common questions below. Please read on to learn more about the new changes and how they might impact you.


    • All content on the Forums will be seamlessly migrated to a new platform this spring.

    The Tableau team is migrating the Tableau Community Forums and all its users and content to an improved platform sometime between approximately May and July. No action will be needed by any of our existing users to have your content, gamification points, and group memberships moved to the new site.


    • The new platform will ensure we continue to provide a best-in-class Forums experience.

    Tableau is committed to providing our users with a best-in-class solution to support and empower you! We have worked closely with partners across Tableau and our user community to collect feedback and select our new system, ensuring we can continue to meet our community’s current and future needs. As we work towards this change we are taking the opportunity to re-think how information is shared with our users and plan to bring you a new, better than ever forum platform for you. Details of improvements are included below.


    • There will be a “read-only” period of two days, which you will be notified about.

    The system-wide migration of all content and user profiles will occur over the course of a weekend between May and July. During this time you will continue to be allowed to log in to, but the entire site will be in read-only mode. No new accounts or content will be able to be created, updated, deleted, or moved. We will be advertising this change on the current site, through email for all our current members, and across social media.


    All the same functionality and content users are accustomed to will continue to exist on the new platform


    • All existing Forums functionality will be available on the new platform.

    Users will be able to enjoy the same functionality on the new platform as they are prior to the migration. Users will continue to be able to search for information, read everything posted publicly and, when logged in, can post discussions, reply to posts, share and vote on ideas, join public groups and request to join private groups.


    • All existing Forums users will be able to access the new site with their same previous credentials.

    The newly-migrated Forums can be accessed at the same URL ( and all existing Forums users will continue to be able to log in using the same credentials they already had set up.


    • All content and gamification points associated with individual users will remain tied to those same users.

    Individual user records will remain the same, and all content and gamification points associated with each user will continue to remain tied to that profile. If a user posts a question on the Forums before the migration, their question will still be there after the migration. If a user has amassed a certain number of gamification points before the migration, that user will have the same number of gamification points after the migration.

    • What about all my content? Will it be on the new site? Will the URL be the same?

    All of the content from the existing site will migrate to the new site. This includes questions, discussions, ideas, blogs (will now be called "news"), groups, documents, This information is incredibly valuable to us and you and to our community and we have taken great care to make this as seamless as possible

    *Please be aware that not all of the URLs will remain the same. We are able to provide redirects for the most-viewed and top navigation links, but this will not include all posts.


    Get ready for a more personalized experience


    • Users of the newly-migrated Forums will be able to find useful content faster.

    Our new platform will automatically suggest new connections to experts, groups, and content, personalized by individual user preferences. Recommendations are based on individual interests and behavior.


    • Users will enjoy customized profile pages.

    User landing page experiences will showcase content (groups, events, etc.) relevant to individual interests. Profile pages will display badges received from other members as well as endorsements received for your unique expertise.


    • Go deeper and learn more with topic pages highlighting our most popular content.

    Navigational, featured, and content topics are a fantastic way to organize information and content on our community forums. We are using topics to structure community content and highlight key discussions, to showcase new features, and to share resources from our community leaders with everyone.


    • The Community Forum will now be optimized for mobile.

    The new site delivers a rich and device-responsive mobile experience. Users will now be able to access a mobile-optimized version of the Tableau Community Forums through any mobile browser.


    • Find Answers and avoid having to file a customer support case.

    In an effort to better help you self-serve and find solutions faster, the new site will search across Tableau properties as the text is being entered. The search returns relevant articles and discussions for you that will help you find answers without having to contact customer support.


    • Enhanced Search will now include Knowledge Base articles

    Our new site will enable you to access Tableau Knowledge Base articles through a robust Coveo integration. Knowledge articles provide accurate information for our community members when and where they need it. You can bookmark and save these for future reference on your profile! These are both updated and enhanced features.


    Expect more new features even after the migration is complete


    • After the migration, we plan on releasing additional new feature updates on the site at a regular cadence.
    The initial migration and launch of the new platform will focus on providing a seamless transfer of content, with our goal being to make this transition as convenient as possible for our users, ensuring all the amazing content on the old site is safely moved to a new, stable environment with improved functionality. After the migration is complete, we plan to release updates to the site on a steady cadence and will share more updates as we confirm.


    • We are exploring options for providing localized content.
    The Forums site does not currently provide a localized language experience, but we are exploring all options for a future-term solution to support our global user community. Some of the options being considered to include Machine Learning translation and creating separate sites for distinct languages.


    • This site is built on Salesforce Community Cloud, does that mean that we can expect this to be combined with other Salesforce Communities?
    We are excited to launch the new site and explore all the opportunities with the Salesforce Community Cloud and other Tableau sites. At present we are focused on providing the best forum, groups, gamification, ideation, and chatter (messaging) solution for our community. In time we will look at further integrations. If you have thoughts, ideas, or suggestions, please share them in the ideas section and tag with “forum updates”.


    Next steps

    1. All forums users and viewers can expect a “read-only” period of two days, which users will be notified about.

    2. The system-wide migration of all content and user profiles will occur all at once over the course of a weekend between May and July. During this time you will continue to be allowed to view and login to your user profile at, but the entire site will be in read-only mode. No new accounts or content will be able to be created, updated, deleted, or moved.

    3. No action is needed by any of our users, but if you have more questions please comment on this document, or share feedback on the forums.


    • If you lead a Tableau User Group, stay tuned for additional resources and training.

    User Group leaders can expect all of their members and content in their groups to migrate to the new platform with no changes. However, there are several exciting new features that User Group space owners can take advantage of and we will be reaching out separately to each User Group leader to provide additional training and resources.


    We welcome your feedback.

    We don’t just want to move everything to a new site and have it all be the same - instead, we want to embrace this change as an opportunity to re-engage with all our brilliant users to share information, to drive engagement, and to reward your efforts with a robust new system.


    If you have thoughts, ideas, or suggestions, please share them in the Ideas section of the Forums and tag with “forum update"


    Thank you!

    - The Tableau Community Team