Tableau Data Filter.twbx

Version 1

    we have implemented parameters as per your email, by using parameter and showing the parameter control I have attached the Tableau workbook for your reference kindly have a look.


    The Twbx file attached contains two Dashboards


    1) Dashboard 1 = which replicated the actual way which we used in our dashboard

    2) Dashboard 2 = Which is implemented on basis of your email below


    I would like explain actual requirement in detail now



    we have developed the filter using the relative date option on date filter and hidden the slider as we are not in need of the slider once a click is given in the provided area of the filter we are able to see the calendar as per the screenshot 





    and now if we provide another click on the month 'January' in the opened calendar we are able to see the drop down of the 'month'  like screenshot below



    this is possible for both filter as well as parameter control at Tableau Desktop level but when the report is being published on the server we are not able to get the 'month' drop down .we would like to request you to let us know if there is a chance that we can get same visual at Tableau server level also along with year drop down and apply button for date filter or is there a way we can use the customized filter other than the filters and parameters provided by Tableau .

    we  would highly appreciate if you can help us in achieving the desired drop down at tableau server level



    Thanks & Regards,