Tapestry PechaKucha: User Group Activity

Version 1

    Tapestry (http://www.tapestryconference.com/) is a Tableau sponsored event designed to advance interactive online data storytelling. It brings together different viewpoints with the goal of generating rich conversations about data storytelling. Journalists, higher ed professionals, corporate business professionals, and others join for two days to share their perspectives and learn from one another through keynotes, short stories, discussions, and demos.


    In 2018, Tapestry started with a Pecha Kucha track for presenters. PechaKucha is a presentation type where a speaker typically shows 20 slides for 20 seconds each – making for a short 6-7 minute presentation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PechaKucha


    Attached are a few of the Pecha Kucha video links from Tapestry that make for great snackable topics of conversation at a user group meeting. Play the video and then open up the topic for discussion.