Natural Language Generation and Tableau

Version 1

    I wanted to thank all who attended the BTUG meeting last Monday to hear about the use of NLG to generate narratives within Tableau dashboards in order to enhance the communication of insights, key data trends and potential courses of action. Attached is the slide set from the presentation by Automated Insights and here are a couple of links to example demo's in Tableau dashboards.


    This is a sales commission model showing role based reporting, and as you change the filters ( commission rate , salary, quota etc) in the dashboard or select different roles or users on the left,  the narrative changes to highlight the impact.


    This is a shipping example and uses the data to look at shippers on-time performance and the potential impact of changes which could be made. You can select the blue boxes on the left, or the shipper on the right to get custom narrative.Some of the narratives appear predictive but in this case they are actually only extrapolations of the underlying data used for explanatory purposes.




    Paul Butler

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