Fresh Content and New Faces

Version 1

    Call this my part 2 of making your User Group LIT!!!  (of which I shared during one of our last User Group Leader calls and also available for your view-age here)...a lesson in fresh faces and new content.

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    Since taking over the User Group leadership a few years ago I have learned a lot.  One thing that struck me early on was the need to have new faces and/or ideas and content presenting at each of our quarterly meetings.  Maybe if you run a monthly meeting this may not be as relevant but if you only get 4 times a year to help your community you want to make sure you make EVERY SECOND COUNT!  Looking back over the last few years I think only once or twice have I had the same person present more than once and ALWAYS with fresh content.  The idea here is not that we need new ideas...there is nothing new under the sun I read somewhere ...but that we need to showcase new ways of using Tableau and data in our day to day activities.  What is more...we need to give other people the opportunity to present and share their story.  Again there are many reasons for this, it gives people in other fields an avenue to connect with someone who "speaks their language"; it also provides those who do not typically have a loudest voice the opportunity to SHINE!!! This is totally my I was given an opportunity early on in my Tableau career to present at our TUG and the rest is history.


    This was especially clear after serving on the board of a failed conference.  The idea of fresh content and faces is critical into creating an event that people want to come to...and more importantly come back to!  The other piece of the puzzle is keeping it local.  The Tableau Community is just that YOUR community.  Keep it local, use local companies, see who is coming to your user groups and reach out to them...especially those with only 1 or 2 people from their company...I am sure they are coming out because they feel all alone at work being the only Tableau people.  This community is so dynamic and growing and always changing that can always find someone or something new.  That's why I love the Tableau community so much!


    By the way...your network is only as big as you are so I highly encourage you to find other folks who regularly attend and stand out and ask them to join you on the leadership team.  Patrick McCormick and the group from Madison have an entire presentation that helped me find my team and get them involved...go check it out: #MadisonTUG Leadership Team Charter


    That's all for now...go make your User Group AWESOME!!!  Thursday is our internal Tableau Day at my client and our RDU TUG...busy day!


    Visually yours,

    Christopher Scott