Serendipity -- the stuff of great user groups

Version 1

    Nov 2017         attendee expressed interest in hosting a meeting

    Jan 23, 2018   got to speaking with their team about open data AND OPEN NYC DATA WEEK WAS IN ONE MONTH


    “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”

    ― Richard Branson


    Serendipity seems to be the theme of many awesome user groups that come together, even when time isn't on my side.


    With all the moving pieces pulling together speakers and a venue -- and still having run my company -- technology sure

    comes in handy to keep on top of everything (and keep my sanity).  I use Polymail that let's me set follow-up reminders.


    Here's what the next few weeks looked like.  Probably 50+ emails to make this happen.


    Feb 12            big idea needs a big venue; secured space for 140

    Feb 22            met folks from Census Bureau at Tableau Gov't Summit

    Feb 27            secured speaker from NYC Mayor's office

    Feb 28            secured speaker from Tableau Public team

    Mar 2              secured speaker from Census Bureau


    Basically, everything came together in about two weeks, including two speakers being remote and figuring out the

    simplest technology options for recording the meeting.  Everyone was able to install


    All was set for March 7; except for Mother Nature.


    Mar 7              user group postponed to Mar 21 from Nor'Easter

    Mar 21            user group postponed to Apr 11 from Nor'Easter

    Apr 11             keeping my fingers crossed


    While writing this, I'm watching the snowfall from this morning melt, and hoping it's all sunshine ahead    


    I'll post the recording in a couple weeks for you to share with your user groups.


    I wish you a happy day,