Linux Tableau - Unable to connect to the data source.

Version 2

    Hi good day to tableau community,


    Recently i had do an migration from Windows Tableau to Linux Tableau so far so good able to do an installation and migrated workbook. However when reached driver installation faced issues.


    Would like to seek for community help and sharing solutions.



    Issues as above, at first i did not install any mssql odbc driver at linux OS that i received the messages. That is fined, which i follow the recommended link and download the driver and did installation & configuration. (FreeTDS) (unixODBC).



    After driver installation, i login and load the workbook which i received two types errors.


    Type 1: During i load a 'live' records. 'Kerberos authentication' somehow that i have not use in Windows OS tableau configuration then suddenly request me to do fixing. Not familiar with this setting and if can not choose this authentication.



    Type 2: During i do refresh 'extract' records. i hits below connections issues that i suspect i did not have setup the connection. How do i ensure i have an connection with the sql server.