Starting a Tableau User Group

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    So, you want to start a Tableau User Group….

    What are Tableau User Groups (TUGs)? (Learn More)

    • User Groups are a time for users to meet up and discuss anything Tableau with other enthusiasts in their area
    • Want to see if there is already a TUG in your area? Check out our User Groups Homepage


    Ok, I’m still interested…Tell me more

    Why start a TUG

    • Love Tableau? Want to share best practices, connect with others, and learn new approaches? Done.

    What it takes

    • We want Data Rockstars who love Tableau to run their very own Tableau User Groups (TUGs). User groups are independent and run by Tableau enthusiasts; not Tableau employees. This gives you the freedom to talk about anything Tableau. We encourage all TUGs to meet at least once a quarter but frequency is left to the leader.

    How Tableau can help you

    • We want to offer you all the resources you need to be successful. This includes sending out email invites, creating landing page, sending reminder emails before events, providing swag, and occasionally providing Tableau speakers to the TUG

    Help! What to do during my first TUG

    • Relax! We offer a library of sample agendas, webinars, and give you access to experienced TUG leaders for you to communicate with and get ideas. Your first TUG can be anything from a simple meet and greet to deciding what you want your TUG to be all about. The great part about starting a TUG is you get to decide!

    I don’t have a Tableau network in my area – how do I reach out to Tableau users like myself?

    • Don’t worry, leave that to us. Your Tableau user group coordinator will compile a list of customers in your area to reach out to. We will send an email invite with a link to our registration page. But don’t let that stop you. Feel free to reach out to your own contacts and set up a LinkedIn group, a group, or use your very own community page

    I have a brilliant idea to help foster a user group. Who can I tell?

    • Tell us! We love to hear your feedback, good and bad. Email Tableau

    Ready to Start Your Own TUG?

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