April Toronto TUG

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    April 2013 GTA Tableau User Group Meeting:

    Wednesday, 24 April, 2013 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EST)


    Presenting Tableau 8 Co-Stars:

    The Data Extract API and Real-Time Performance Reporting


    The new Tableau 8 Desktop, Server, and Mobile releases includes new “starring” features like forecasting, freeform dashboards, new visualization types, and editing views on the web - to mention just a few.


    This month, we’ll take a look at two (of the many) promising new “co-starring” features: the Application Programming Interface (API) for creating Tableau data extracts (.tde files) and automated real-time Tableau Performance Reporting.


    From a Business Process point of view, the Data Extract Application Programming Interface (for Python, C++, and Java) has implications vis-à-vis how data sources can be custom created for Tableau Desktop, and managed with Tableau Data Server in an automated fashion.


    From a Performance Optimization standpoint, the automated Performance Reporting feature monitors Tableau usage in real time, and highlights query performance and screen rendering bottlenecks in your Dashboards and worksheets.


    As always, the meeting agenda will include general Tableau Q & A and networking.