Toronto March TUG Agenda

Version 1

    Do you manipulate and analyze data much of the time at work? Are you an “accidental analyst” / “BI Change Agent” or did you plan to be one?  Are you satisfied with the richness and quality of the business data available to you, and do BI software tools help you make good use of it?


    Have you been able to sell the benefits of visual analytics, or is your boss or senior management still skeptical?  As a senior manager, are you getting the expected business value from your investments in BI technologies and people who use them? Are the office politics within reason?


    Is there such a thing as “too much data”?  How do you “keep it simple?” Is “Data Transparency / Data Democracy” always a good thing?  Are the terms “Data Scientist” and “data story telling” buzzwords, or do they describe competencies that will be in growing demand?  What are the most interesting BI career paths? What have you learned from your most and least successful BI projects?  Is there a place for “right brained people" in contemporary business analysis?  Are there BI commentators who you admire?


    Please bring your questions and viewpoints to the GTA Tableau User Group meeting on Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 – and participate in an open, inter-disciplinary, and vendor neutral round table discussion about today’s BI landscape. Share war stories, a good laugh, speak your mind, and see how your peers are playing the Data Game.