Tableau User Groups

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    The Tableau Community is made up of users from across the world, from every type of organization, using data analysis to solve nearly every problem imaginable. A Tableau User Group is often the best way to learn fascinating new ways to approach data discovery.


    What is a Tableau User Group?

    A Tableau User Group (TUG) is any collection of Tableau users, enthusiasts or fans that choose to associate with one another in some fashion.


    Three Types of Tableau User Groups:

    1. Public User Groups - Based out of cities and run by customers interested in connecting with other Tableau users in the area

    2. User Groups Inside Organizations - Tableau helps setup internal user groups within a company to assist learning and knowledge sharing

    3. Industry User Groups - Online & virtual groups of users that work in similar areas or markets (example: Education, Healthcare, Financial Services, etc.)


    Tableau User Groups: FAQ


    Q: How can I see if there is a TUG close to where I am?

    If you’re looking for a local group, take a look at the TUG Locator Map. By hovering over your city, you can email the leader directly. If you’re hoping to find an industry group, visit our Industry Tableau User Group page.


    Q: How do I join a TUG?

    Attend a meeting! There is no official process for joining since each TUG is open to the public. If you’d like to receive email invites to a specific user group, request to join the mailing list.


    Q: What happens at a TUG meeting?

    Each Tableau User Group meeting is unique. Agenda items might include project presentations, tips & tricks sessions, Tableau Doctor and sometimes even visualization competitions.


    Q: How does Tableau User Group leadership work?
    TUGs are led by customers who volunteer to organize group meetings on an ongoing basis. A TUG can have numerous leaders. The TUG leader's job is to coordinate meeting times, venues and agendas in order to help others in the community connect with other Tableau users and advance their skills.


    Q: What is Tableau's official involvement in a TUG?
    Tableau is here to support our user groups, but not to run them. TUGs are led by the customer, for the customer. Tableau will promote meetings on behalf of the leader. Tableau coordinates user group leader monthly newsletters full of relevant content, TUG leader webinars, and has an internal resource dedicated to supporting TUGs.


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