Creating a Private Community

Version 17

    A Secure Place to Connect


    Tableau can help your organization create an internal user group designed to promote learning and knowledge sharing. Part of the way we assist in doing this is by providing a centralized location on our website where your users can come to talk with each other, discover new resources and get questions answered from other experts inside your group.  This area can be password protected and administrated by a single person or group of people to ensure that discussions taking place and content being shared is only viewed by the right people.


    (example private group)




    Make it Your Own


    Your private community allows for a range of customizations that you have the power to change to suit your users.  Whether you want to build a space that is designed to be a place of discussion or one that is more focused on making relevant documents and resources easily accessible, your private community can easily be modified to support each need (or both simultaneously).GroupOverviewThumb-admin-map.png

    Managing Members

    As the administrator of your organization's private community you will have the power control who is invited and who shares the moderator role with you.




    Interested in learning more about setting up a private community for your organization?

    Contact your Tableau account manager or email

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