Tableau Life Sciences User Group Launch

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    Tableau and Acumen Analytics are pleased to announce the launch of the Life Sciences Tableau Users Group (TUG) beginning the Winter of 2017/18. Recognizing the concentration of Life Sciences, Bio-Pharma, Medical Device and CRO firms in the greater Philadelphia area as well as nationally and abroad, the Life Sciences TUG aims to provide a robust forum for business, technology, and analytics professionals in the Life Sciences community to meet on a quarterly basis to discuss, learn best practices and engage in knowledge exchange regarding the critical compliance analytics, reporting challenges and opportunities within Life Sciences.


    Self-Service visual analytics, commercial manufacturing and supply chain management, compliance, validation, risk management, EHS and advanced reporting capabilities are at the forefront of driving decision-making, business outcomes and competitive advantage in the Life Sciences community. The Life Sciences TUG aspires to bring like-minded professionals together in a symposium format to provide knowledge transfer and leading-edge analytics discussions. Kathleen Brunner, CEO of Acumen Analytics states, “We are very excited about this launch, the Life Sciences Community understands advanced reporting and analytics can be key components contributing to their organizational success and better patient outcomes. This will be a wonderful opportunity for collaboration, dialogue and information sharing.”


    Tableau has become the self-service and visual analytics platform of choice for leading enterprises across all industry sectors, for critical and timely business decision-making capabilities. Andy De, Senior Industry Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences at Tableau said, “Delivering actionable insights at the Point of Care (POC) for Physicians, Clinicians, Nurses, as well as Line of Business (LOB) leaders and Senior Executives is mission critical for enabling superior patient and business outcomes across Life Sciences and Healthcare. Self-Service Visual Analytics from Tableau is not only enabling higher quality of care delivery but also faster time to market with innovative drugs and devices, with measurable impact.”


    Facilitation of a single version of the truth in company’s data to the right individuals within the decision window is critical to sustaining competitive advantage for all entities; ensuring that the information is validated, compliant, easily reportable and visualized is paramount to the Life Sciences sector for growth and success. The Tableau Life Sciences Users Group’s mission is to help enable the community towards the pathway of advanced analytics, validation and compliance reporting while sharing critical industry trends and ideas. The inaugural event is planned for Winter 2017/18 in the Philadelphia area.

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