VizAlerts Errors.txt

Version 2

    Tableau Server 10.3.2; VizAlerts 2.1.0 Using .exe


    I am getting an SSL error verifying the certificate when trying to test the alerts for the first time. The path in the vizalerts.yaml matches the path of in the tabsvc.yaml file; D:/SSL/datadev.cer.


    VizAlerts is sending emails with the same error as in the text file.


    Attached is the text file of the full error.


    2017-09-19 16:49:49 - [ERROR] - URLError generating trusted ticket: [SSL: CERTIF

    ICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:581)  Request details: Se

    rver:, Site: , Username: ksapp, Url: https://datadev.pnclent

    .net/trusted, Postdata: username=pnclent%5Cksapp&client_ip=