Guessing Contests @ TUGs

Version 1

    Our last Boston Tableau Users Group meeting was at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots.  Keeping with that theme, our sponsor Snowflake Computing gave away Patriots tickets.  In order to make things more interesting, we asked attendees to guess the number of Tableau colored M&Ms in a jar (provided by our friend Jordan Scott).  We used this Google Form to capture guesses as attendees arrived:


    BTUG @ Gillette


    This also acted as a nice way to check people in.


    At the end of the evening, we presented this dashboard showing a distribution of guesses, along with the actual amount of M&Ms and the top guesses:


    Tableau Public


    The parameters in the dashboard allowed us to reveal the actual number of M&Ms, and the winners, at a deliberate pace, which made the presentation more exciting and impactful.


    Not only are contests like this a great way to engage attendees, but also is another way to share different ways of using Tableau.  This exercise led to some unexpected group conversation about  statistics, "knowledge of the crowd" and Tableau techniques.


    I'd recommend something like this for your TUG, even if you don't have anything to give away!