Keeping the buzz alive.

Version 2

    Christopher Scott is on the Q2 User Group Leader Call to talk about generating buzz for your events. This is intended to be an extension of that by keeping it alive during your events and after your events which will feed into generating buzz for your next event. That said, here are a few things we do as part of the #MadisonTUG:



    • We established our group's identity by using #MadisonTUG which enables everyone to contribute content identifiable with our group.
    • To encourage people to Tweet, we will pick #MadisonTUG Tweets to win Tableau swag during the event.
    • We've used Twitter polls to engage attendees and get their feedback.



    Photobooth & Group Identity


    • People have fun with the photobooth at Tableau Conferences so we started doing it at our events. This helps to generate buzz during the events by giving people a way to have fun with their coworkers and it helps to keep it alive after our events by people viewing the pics.
    • Our infamous cheese head has become the icon for our our TUG so that when you see our photo booth pics you immediately know it is from #MadisonTUG.


    Event Photographer/Videographer

    • It is good to get pics/video from everyone at the event but Ivy Cao was our dedicated person for the job at our last event. She was very thoughtful about capturing the entire event in pics and video.


    Publish Highlights

    • Make content from your event available. This accomplishes a few things:
      • Lets people that didn't attend the event see that they missed out.
      • For people that did attend the event it provides memories and some perspectives (ex. pics) that they missed.
      • Provides a source for downloadable content from the event.
    • See our most recent highlights at #MadisonTUG — McCormick BI, LLC


    Happy Hour

    • Historically our TUG hasn't been huge on happy hours but we did have a good turn out after our last event.
    • This provided a good opportunity for people to interact who didn't have a chance to talk during the event.



    • After your event, keep the buzz alive by sharing content from the event and start communicating info about your next event.
    • Our primary channels for this communication are our LinkedIn group and Email.
    • Post to your LinkedIn feed or Twitter with your event content for people outside your TUG (not local or non-Tableau people).


    What else do you do to keep the buzz alive for your TUG?