Dashboard Best Practices - Tooltips.pptx

Version 1

    ATUG Members,


    Attached is the PowerPoint file used in my presentation on Thursday, 3/22 -- Dashboard Best Practices (Tooltips Edition). The file is the entire PowerPoint file including notes which happens to be my script.


    Topics covered included:

    * Conditional Formatting

    * Hyperlinks within Tooltips

    * Image files as custom Shapes

    * Configuring Hover Help

    * Viz Versioning / Project Info


    If you use the slides or full presentation in front of others, I simply request that you give me credit for what you use and include the names of those that I give credit to within the presentation (Andy Cotgreave and Steve Wexler).


    I hope this helps you and others learn more about tooltips.





    Andy Piper

    Mgr. Supply Chain Development

    Norfolk Southern Corporation