UK Healthcare TUG - Sharing help material

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    Hi everyone,


    The UK Healthcare TUG (yes the unfortunate acronym is indeed the THUG!) meets twice a year, with over 150 healthcare analysts and Tableau enthusiasts getting together to talk Tableau and share ideas about how Tableau can be used within UK healthcare organisations. One of the best bits of the THUG is how its created a network of individuals who are keen to share content and best practice, allowing everyone to learn from each other.


    I recently shared some help material with the members of the THUG and thought other TUG leaders might find this useful to share with their members:


    The content can be accessed via my blog below:


    Helping interactors maximise their user experience of Tableau Server; Tableau Top Tips, User Guides and Tableau Assist


    The blog shares a number of Tableau Top Tips and User Guides that we have created, supporting interactors of Tableau Server with basic tasks such as how to subscribe, how to filter, how to export to PDF etc. All of the content has been shared as word documents so anyone can take the content and re-brand it as their own (all I ask is some acknowledgement and maybe a quick shout out on Twitter @simonbeaumont04).


    In addition I have also uploaded to my Tableau Public account a new initiative we are doing in Southern Health called Tableau Assist. This is an interactive Tableau workbook that we have put on our Tableau Server that acts as a help guide for users, giving them access to:


    - A report library

    - Links to all the user guides that we have uploaded on our sharepoint site

    - Calendar of Tableau events we hold internally to support users

    - Contact details for all the analysts

    - List of current developments etc


    The Excel file that acts as the data source has been uploaded as part of the blog above and the Tableau Assist workbook can be downloaded from my Tableau Public account:


    Tableau Public


    I hope you find the content useful, any questions or suggestions would be most welcome so please do get in touch.