London TUG update

Version 1

    Hi all, Quick update on what we are doing with London. We have had our third TUG of the year and managed to get Cole Knaflic to present which was a real coup. Our trial with Workplace by Facebook is working well.  We now have over 140 people with claimed accounts and 84 weekly users this week.

    We have extended the groups to include BI news, Data viz updates and a Tableau Doctor section to try and help with engagement.


    We also live streamed the last TUG on Workplace, using a number of iPhones / iPads and some clever software to allow us to switch between them. If you are interested in having a look, complete this form to sign up


    We also had one of our members create a show reel for us (we didn't ask he just did it!). You can see that here and I will talk through on the next call how this was made / edited.