Tableau Traveler - a hands-on educational activity

Version 2

    Hello User Group Leaders!


    I recently found myself shopping for new carry-on luggage, and I managed to turn it into a data viz problem. I got a bit carried away and wound up documenting a robust hands-on activity for Tableau. I deliberately wrote it to be more educational than challenging (I try to explain what's going on and why things work the way they do) so it's pretty long, but also hopefully pretty self-explanatory. In case it's of any interest to you guys as a resource for user groups, I thought I'd share! Feel free to ignore, use, modify, anything you want. This is totally unrestricted content


    Airlines Carry-On Policies | Tableau Public


    Feedback is always welcome, as well! (NB: the .xlsx is optional, the document goes through how to copy and paste data directly from the website)