Disregard if you've already signed up for a Focus Group

Version 1



    In an effort to have every member participate in our meetings, we have decided to build Focus Groups based on topics chosen in our post meeting survey.  We have created a sign-up sheet for you to choose which group you would like to participate in. 


    Please choose three groups and we will do our best to place you as close to your first choice as possible. Members will have the opportunity to rotate between groups each meeting in an attempt to balance group attendance.


    For this to properly work we will need a minimum of one member per group to volunteer as a discussion leader, but not limited to one.  The idea is to let our members manage themselves so that we can focus on the more time consuming aspects of organizing our events.


    Each Focus Group will receive an email copied to all members that signed up for that group.  Then we want you to communicate with each other prior to each meeting so that the group can share 10/15 minutes of their experiences to the entire TUG at our meetings.


    Group sizes will be limited to avoid over-sized groups. 


    Moving forward we will learn how this works and adapt appropriately.


    Focus Group Sign-Up Form




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