How thinking big turns into big work

Version 1

    (the story of pulling together my mini Tableau Conference on Cloud Computing)


    I'd say it was kind of the perfect storm:


    + I needed to make a big impact with my Tableau Ambassador "fund"

    + I had been speaking with several cloud computing companies

    + I had a prospective host with space to hold 100 people


    The one thing I needed to do -- was also the most uncomfortable for me -- ask the participating companies to chip in money to pay for the catering.


    I didn't think the money would be a big deal.  It was they could not promote their product during their presentation.  So, that led to my next idea for

    each to have a table where they could demo and talk about their products, and of course give away the ever-cherished swag!


    This was bringing me into an entirely new level of coordination with the host for accepting payments from multiple sources, coordinating the talks,

    and setting up the vendors with power, wifi, etc. 


    The kicker was Periscoping the event. I dragged my Tripod around NYC all day and had a battery backup plugged into my phone.  I didn't put my

    phone in 'do not disturb' and a call interrupted the Periscope, so I had to scramble to reset that.  Of course, that happened while Elissa Fink was on stage.


    You just never know the challenges you will find


    You can find pics, videos, and decks here and feel free to share with your user groups.