Set Up Tableau Server to be Monitored by New Relic

Version 3

    Starting with Tableau Server 10.0, you can configure Tableau Server so that it can be monitored by New Relic.



    Basic configuration

    Configure the following settings:


    vizportal.newrelic_enabled: true

    vizqlserver.newrelic_enabled: true

    backgrounder.newrelic_enabled: true

    dataserver.newrelic_enabled: true

    searchserver.newrelic_enabled: true

    zookeeper.newrelic_enabled: true

    newrelic.config.app_name: <YOUR_APP_NAME>

    newrelic.config.license_key: <YOUR_LICENSE_KEY>


    <YOUR_APP_NAME> is the name of your application, as it will appear on the New Relic Applications page. At this point in time, application name is approximately synonymous with Tableau Server name.

    <YOUR_LICENSE_KEY> is your New Relic account license key, as it appears on your New Relic Account settings page.


    High Security Mode

    In Tableau 10.0, 10.1, and 10.2, you must also disable high security mode.


    newrelic.config.high_security: false


    Later versions of Tableau Server should have high security mode disabled by default. More information on high security mode can be found in New Relic's documentation at


    Finishing Up

    A tabadmin config and tabadmin restart are required.  After that, the Tableau Server will show up as an Application in your New Relic account.



    Below is an example of all the commands required in order to enable New Relic monitoring on Tableau Server.  Replace app_name and license_key as appropriate.


    Note: Commands below use tabadmin, which has been replaced by tsm.  Use tsm equivalents if using any version of Tableau Server for Linux or version 2018.2 or newer of Tableau Server for Windows.  See reply below by Iain Stewart for an example, or read tsm configuration set Options in Product Help.


    tabadmin set vizportal.newrelic_enabled true

    tabadmin set vizqlserver.newrelic_enabled true

    tabadmin set backgrounder.newrelic_enabled true

    tabadmin set dataserver.newrelic_enabled true

    tabadmin set searchserver.newrelic_enabled true

    tabadmin set zookeeper.newrelic_enabled true

    tabadmin set newrelic.config.app_name tabserver12

    tabadmin set newrelic.config.license_key 0a1b2c3d4e5f67890a1b2c3d4e5f67890a1b2c3d

    tabadmin set newrelic.config.high_security false

    tabadmin config

    tabadmin restart



    At the time of this writing (Feb 17 2017), monitoring through New Relic is not supported functionality.  It may be officially supported in the future.