BTUG Feb 2012 Followup.twbx

Version 4

    Thank you all for attending the meeting, I thought our sessions were very productive.  I've attached a packaged workbook that covers three of the problems we looked at it my group.  It requires Tableau 7.0 to open but none of the views use any features that are new to 7.0, sorry it's not backwards compatible.  Good excuse to download a trial or free upgrade to 7.0.


    Sheets 1-3 and Dashboard 1 show how you must use a Dashboard to size measure views independently.


    Sheet 4 was what I used to test that if you started a workbook with a manually loaded extract that didn't have any connection back to the database, you could then open a connection to that database and switch your existing views to the new connection (that switch requires the Replace Data Source feature in 7.0) from which you could stay live or make your own extract and switch back and forth. You could then drop the old manually loaded extract.


    Sheets 5-7 show high-density bar charts simulating call times. Sheets 5 and 6 show you how different outliers look if you sort. Another option is to switch from bars to circles to produce a scatter plot which allows you to see that most of the data is in fact low.  Circle is the mark type I use the most when showing lots of data.  Sheet 7 may be a solution to the problem none of us thought was solvable, showing breakdowns of call component times within total time bins.