• Combining Multiple Date Fields

    Hello, I have a data set of customers that has the date that a customer creates an account along with the date that the customer makes their first purchase.   Based on the attached sample data, I would like to b...
    Heather Roach
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  • Calculating Change Month over Month and % of Total Change

    Tableau version 2019.2.2   Please see attached workbook with my mock data.  In this data, I have different stores, each with so many customers (Fig 1).  The number of customers typically increases each...
    Gretchen Hroma
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  • Moving axis titles - why are such simple things hard to do in Tableau?

    Just looking to move the metric descriptor to the top of the visual from the bottom.  Should be easy, you would think.  Things are more complicated in Tableau than they should be.  Need to take a page f...
    Mark Hoffman
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  • Computing difference between two values of same measure, then add difference to table

    Hello all -- I'm at the beginning of teaching myself Tableau, so my apologies if this is a remedial question. I've not been able to turn up an example of exactly what I want to do.   My goal is to have a table t...
    Mark Ullmann
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  • Sorting Error

    Hi, I have an error that says sorting is invalid because I modified the data source and the fields might have changed. When I go in to see what the issue is, it seems to be sorted on AGG(vendor) which I can't find w...
    Shreyasi Thota
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  • Problems with Density/ Heat Map

    Hi,   I have a question/problem with the Density Map feature. It seems really not useful in showing density in my data (attached twbx). Is there some way to change the granularity of the density filter so that i...
    A Steffen
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  • Method to create census bureau plot

    The U.S. Census Bureau apparently used Tableau to create this plot. which I can describe as two stacks of categories at the left and right ends with lines connecting them.  The thickness of the connecting lines v...
    Steven Dutky
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  • Dynamically toggle between Data Sources based on a Filter ?

    Hi,   I have a large dataset (>2B rows) and the performance is very slow for row level deep dives. I have explored a few in-db solutions but to keep the infrastructure simple.   So I plan to split the l...
    Monish Blasundaram
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  • Show specific tabs only

    I had a question about a Tableau workbook I am trying to release to multiple web pages.   I have published one workbook with about 10 dashboards (tabs) to Tableau Server. I plan to embed HTML code into various ...
    Obay Mouradi
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  • Using select filters in Dashboard

      I am trying to setup filters so that once I select items from worksheet 1 on the dashboard they remain fixed and then when I select items from a different sheet it filters the remaining worksheets. Expected: ...
    Amrut Ray
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  • Connecting to excel data on a Sharepoint 365 site.

    We have recently moved from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 365. So, I now have Excel documents that contain Tableau source information located on SharePoint 365. When I create a data connection to the excel file on Sha...
    Sarah Moss
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  • Filter Multiple Sheet in single selection in parameter

    Hi Folks,   Am having 2 sheets (sheet1(Bar Chart) and sheet2(Cross Tab) .I need to filter those 2 sheets  in a single selection .(VERSION 2019.1.6)   I need filter Name like mentioned below should be ...
    Saravanakumar Kumar
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  • Complaint with Resolution

    Hi all,   I'm working on a project that I'm having some difficulty visualizing within Tableau (Excel worksheet attached), and I was hoping to get some ideas or help.   The first 3 columns in Blue have a c...
    Ben Z
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  • How to create Year-Period and Year-Week Filters

    I have 3 fields, O Year, O Period and O Week, the periods represent business periods / months within a year, and the weeks represent the weeks in a year as you can see below. There are 52 weeks in each year and 4 week...
    Abdul Balogun
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  • Adding two header names in Marks cards

    Hi- I am looking to add two headers names in mark cards shelf. I can create one header by creating a dummy in calculated field and hide the column label. but when you have more than one how can you show it on the tabl...
    TRS S
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  • Time comparisons

    Hi there,   Can anyone help me with time comparisons. I'm trying to group my times into 15 minute intervals but i'm getting the error below:     IF [Actual Entry Time] >= #00:00:00# AND [Actual E...
    Vinay Seeruthun
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  • Force TS status to Degraded?

    I'm writing a script to monitor the status of a single-node Linux Tableau Server but want to be able to test it's ability to distinguish between STOPPED and DEGRADED. As an Admin with TSM access, how do I force TS sta...
    Dave Whitezel
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  • How do you sort when there is only one field in the pane

    I've have been looking through posts most of the morning and haven't been able to find a solution. I must be able to sort on milestone date if I want this visualization to be used. Please help!   Thank you. ...
    Suzanne Crider
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  • Using Extract as a Data Connection

    I have developed several tableau desktop reports for quite some time now, but I still not clear on what is the best approach or the mechanics of extract data connection when publishing.. so I will provide a scenario, ...
    Randy Colanta
    created by Randy Colanta
  • Blending - agreggated issue

    Hi,   We have developed a dashboard, which each graph uses a different data source. All of them have the dimensions we want to filter, but when we set the filters to filter all related data sources, some of the ...
    Renata Rodrigues Gotler
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