• LOD Needed for Sale and Product IDs

    Question:   IF PRODUCT X was purchased, what were the top 5 items that were purchased along with that item?   So I need a list of product IDs (have), sales IDs that coincide with that product id  (thi...
    Stephen Groff
    created by Stephen Groff
  • Percent of Total Distribution For Measure Value

    Hi Tableau professionals,   I'm facing problem to get percentage of total distribution for the measure values in a report. The measure values not having quick table calculations to select percent of total like s...
    Balaji Subramani
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  • Tabular view is showing data from 2nd pills not from 1st pill

    Hello Guys,   I am creating a tabular view. I have been given 2 tables from one data source. each table has similar kind of columns. In order to show specific column from Table A, I connected data source A and p...
    Shahroz Ahmed
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  • Create a parking zone within a city

    Hi Guys! I have a question about can I make a territory, or zone without states/zip codes, just ,,draw a line" around the (parking) zone within a city? For example like this: Thank you in advance!
    Julianna Torday
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  • Keep only one line but not the same

    Hi !   First of all sorry for my english.     I have a problem with a table. Indeed, in this table i have the order, and the delivery (not the bills).   We can have an order with a delivery, ...
    Ludovic BAUDET
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  • Pass values into a Stored Procedure Dynamically and use the same filter on multiple views in the workbook

    I have many Stored Procedures as data sources for different views in my workbook. I want to dynamically pass values into stored procs. I tried using Parameters, but I'm not able to use this parameter (some DATE) into ...
    KK Edla
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  • Display started in month, ended in month and active in month on side by side bar chart

    Using the very helpful examples provided in Counting Active Customers from Sparse Data,I have created 3 separate graphs of the content i require, but i need to show them as side by side bars on a single chart. Is ther...
    Ernest Snaith
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  • Avg Last 3 days

    Hi, I just start using Tableau and have some problem. I want to calculate avg of size for the last 3 days each tablespace and find the difference between avg Last3day and Last day. Please see the picture below. ...
  • I need to find the new customers for last year from current month. Is there a way I can do it?

    I need to find the new customers for last year from current month. If I select Aug-2018, it should show me: 1. The new customer Sales and count in 2017 2. The new customer Sales and count till date (YTD)   B...
    Dipakkumar N
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  • Create Multiple lines in a graph (Low quartile, median, upper quartile, max)

    Hi all,   I am new to tableau and would really hope that someone will be able to help in this problem. I have been amazed by the helpfulness and friendliness this community is as well as the speed at which the c...
    Marcus Neo
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  • How to calculate rolling month for last 12 months?

    Hi Tableaurs,   Please help for the below query:   I want to show last 12 months rolling value in the bar chart form. For instance : If i click the month of April 2018 in the bar chart   it should gi...
    Adam Aliz
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  • Creating One Dimension with Multiple Calculated Measures

    Hello,   I have a data set that looks like the following. Each row represents a unique lead, which week they signed up, and any subsequent dates of events after signup (events 1 and 2).   Lead Signup week ...
    Phil Ju
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  • Tableau Server on OCI IaaS?

    Does anyone have experience about the configuration of Tableau Server on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure(OCI IaaS)?   We wants to use Tableauļ¼š10.5 on windows 2008 R2 on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
    Kenji Watanabe
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  • Highlight parts of a background image

    Say I have a basketball court as a background image, is there any way to highlight certain sections of that background image? Say you cut the court into 8 parts, is there a way to highlight each part whether it would ...
    Colin Lammers
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  • How to visualize outliers

    Hello. I have orders on seperate dates. Most of them are the same. How can I create good visualizations on outliers?   Thanks!
    Alex Martino
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  • Side by Side Bar Charts - 3 Months

    Hi there,   Greetings of the day!   Can anyone please help me in the below scenario   I would like to create the below view with Sales and Brands and Month(OrderMonth Column has Month-year format) Si...
    sai m
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  • Radial Pie Chart Problems

    I am a Tableau 10.5 desktop user trying to build a radial pie chart following a video I found online.  I am able to format my data and create calculated fields, but half way through building the chart I am gettin...
    Teresa Wright
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  • How to exclude in a fixed formula

    I'm trying to get an average at an order ID level. I'm not sure if this is the correct formula to use.   {Fixed [Order Id]: sum([REAL REAL FIXED FEE])/sum([Quantity])}   I have a type of order that = eith...
    Alex Martino
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  • Stacked Chart - % of Total By Year

    Hi All,   I have a query regarding how Tableau calculates the % on stacked chart, please refer to the below link:   Tableau Public   On my chart named 'hires by year', it shows the breakdown of Male...
    Sean Wong
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  • How to get a count at the month level

    Hello. I have a an average and I used a filter to get only order ID's where that average is above a certain amount.   However, I would like to now get a count for each month where those averages are above that ...
    Alex Martino
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