• Tableau. Make the sum of different records of a given value

    Hello people   Looking at the table below: I would like to make a calculation of the sum of all the values that gave me 288 records per day and the number of values that gave me below that number. The goal i...
    Sergio Brígida
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  • How do you total dimension

    Please help how to calculate the dimension and show the total result at the bottom (highlighted in yellow). Thank you.
    Yeheyies Tekleselassie
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  • Showed previous version of workbook when loading the current version

    Hi fellow vizitors,   I have a question about publishing workbook and loading from web browsers.   I published a workbook to Tableau Public (link) after a few times of revising. When I visit the link to th...
    Elisa Yao
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  • Formula to Return Dimension of Greatest Measure

    Hi All,   What would a formula look like the return the dimension (county) with the highest measure (payout) in the attached workbook? I have tried a number of LOD calculation but nothing seems to work; this has...
    Pat Siebenlist
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  • help! "Bad Request" when attempting to publish workbook with ds

    Hi,   I am using the Tableau server-client-python library found here: GitHub - tableau/server-client-python: A Python library for the Tableau Server REST API   I am trying to publish a .twb workbook with ...
    Damian Hickey
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  • Web Data Connector for Twitter

    Does anyone know which WDC might have been used in this workbook (line below)???   I'd like to use the same one so that my dataset has the same columns and then I can simply 'replace datasource' on the workbook ...
    Brad Sheridan
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  • Show Sales Line Based on Sales of Latest Month

    Hello Tableau Forum,   I've a question on how to show only sales lines that meet certain sales condition based on the latest month.   The Sales condition can be changed by the Sales Parameter. And the lates...
    Tam Nguyen
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  • How to find date range between two start and end date parameters

    Hi Team,   Please find the attachment .twbx file, I am facing issue in date selection range the issue is when I select any date in parameter of Start_Date and End_Date it should diplay only that range of  d...
    rakesh jadhav
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  • Reference line value does not change with Top N filter

    I'm stumped on the behavior of reference lines when filters are in play.  The following link would seem to suggest that the value of a reference line is calculated last in the order of operations:   Tableau...
    Stuart Dunlap
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  • How to get multiple total rows, based on calculated fields

    Hi,   I relatively new to Tableau and I'm having some problems to rebuild a table I have in Excel. The point is, I have a list of courses per university. Each course has a grade, and I want to show how many cou...
    André Brasil
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  • How to find last month value every month.

    Hi team , Please find the attachment twbx,the issue I am facing I need to  find every month last DATE   value means if I click on date selection parameters it should show current month  Last date ...
    rakesh jadhav
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  • Changing Default Browser

    I've recently started using Tableau Public, and whenever I save a new work, the software directs me to the Internet Explorer page of my account. My default browser is Chrome, I'd like to keep using this one (so that ...
    Ayal Aharon
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  • Need Help

    When running report on Jan 2018; i need to see Jan 2017 to Jan 2018 data results of every month till January 2018. How can i get that
    Thrilok G
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  • Java script error while call Async method

    I am getting the java script error "0x800a01b6 - JavaScript runtime error: Object doesn't support property or method 'getSummaryDataAsync' "  while call Asyc method. do I need to register my IP as trusted IP in t...
    Vetri Selvan
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  • Dormant Rule

    Hi,   I am trying to show an alert condition for a set of customer data. Alert status condition at customer level : yes if 1) The transaction amount for the last 365 days is "0" or Blank, and 2) Trxn Amount for ...
    Mahesh Pasupuleti
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  • How to do this calculation while blending the datasources.

    Hi Team,   I am trying to find out the growth of the current and last fiscal year and showing that in waffle chart. As soon as i use filter in the sheet, calculations do not work.   I came across this arti...
    Sukhdeep Kaur
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  • Remove effect of Filter from specific field/Calculated_Field

    I have filter called Date Range ... when i use it it effect all the fields/calculated fields ........... I want to know is there any I can remove effect of filter from any specific field/calculated field?
    muhammad usman
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  • Grand total of 2 different sheet

    I have a data like this. (FTR: H=Home Win, D=Draw, A=Away Win) Score: Win = 3, Draw = 1, Lose = 0. I want to calculate score of every team. But i just calculated score of team by [Home Team] or by [Away Team] I w...
    huy nguyen
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  • Date range relative to "yesterday"

    Hi, i want to create a calculated field for a date so that when I bring in the date field it gives me the range from 30 days ago up to yesterday  (i.e. ignoring today's date) I can't anchor relative to a date,...
    Kerry Evert
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  • Blended Data LOD Calculations

    After some research, I have learned that using a LOD on blended data isn't possible. It appears that Window calculations are the answer. It is imperative that this is done as a DATA BLEND and not a JOIN. The actual da...
    Stephen Bava
    created by Stephen Bava