• Multiple shaded confidence intervals on one chart

    Dear Tableau community   I would like to show four mortality rates over time, with the upper and lower confidence intervals shaded. I have attached the graph as it is - i would like to shade in the green lines e...
    Joseph Ward
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  • Résultats qui "disparaissent" selon les dimensions choisies

    Bonjour à tous,   Je n'arrive pas à comprendre un comportement bizarre sur Tableau Desktop. Ici une liste d'artistes avec une quantité pour chacun ( SUM(nombre d'enregistrements))  (pr...
    Nicolas Besnier
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  • Remplacer un excel par des requêtes SQL

    Bonjour Tout le monde !   j'ai créé des reporting mensuel avec des fichiers excels que j'extrais d'une base de SAP et chaque mois j'actualise ce reporting en remplaçant les anciens fichier exc...
    karim khalfaoui
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  • Variance - compare the current five weeks data with the previous year's five weeks

    Hi All,   Can someone please help me with the query below. I want to show the current five weeks sales and the same five weeks for the previous year based on the 'BBCA weeks in fin year' field. I want to comp...
    Tony Smith
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  • Wanting a filter to be INCLUDED in one sheet and EXCLUDED in another

    I am making a fantasy football cheat dashboard (who isn't) and want to have two filters on the right that are essentially gathering lists of who is taken by me (one filter located in the upper-right) and taken by anyo...
    Scott Reida
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  • Comparing two different hierarchy data in row fields

    How can I create a calculated field to compare data in the row fields with a different hierarchy level, sample below. Basically, I have two data sets, Spends is Spend type and Sales is by Total.   Spend Type Cat...
    Aravinda Kumar
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  • How to create Week based bins?

    Hi all,   I have a question regarding bucketing of WEEK values based on user selection.   Requirement: I need a parameter which has values as 1 WEEK, 4 WEEK, 6WEEK and 8 WEEK. The user can choose to see ...
    Abhilash Sharma
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  • How to show different date ranges in the chart and in the viz in tooltip?

    Hello Tableau users.   I need your help with dashboard that I am creating now.   So I have a table with 3 metrics.     User will be able to select 2 weeks in the quick filter.   What I n...
    Elmurat Bavlankulov
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  • Removing a column from view without querying again?

    Hello Experts,   Let's think we have report view like this:     After execution and we saw the report; I'm removing the last column; and it is not changing any aggregation.   This removal crea...
    Murat Özcan
    created by Murat Özcan
  • Tableau Large data Extracts & Publishing

    Hi,    I am trying to  extract large data Tableau files, its taking hours to extract.   i tired with empty extract but i am unable to do so because the work book contain multiple data-sources w...
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  • Replacing null data point with 0 in area chart

    Hi Folks,   I created this graph which looks bits awkward because it has missing data point (thats how the data is, imagine this is a segment in your company in which none of the order are returned by the custom...
    Shariq Mohd
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  • Adding a calculated field to identify products

    Hi everybody,   I'm currently working on different excel sheets which have this kind of structure :     Obviously, I can't work with this chart without doing modifications.   I would like to ...
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  • Sales Of 3/6/9 months with respect to customize dates

    I want a chart upon subcategory and a measure.. Now my measure can be either of these based on what customer wants to see. A. Last 3 months B. Last 6 months C. Last 9 months D.  Custom dates where user can gi...
  • How to get date out of week and year using Tableau Prep

    Hi everyone,   I do have a question which keeps me sleepless at night:   The goal is to deliver a date, e.g. 01/01/2018 from a given week number and a given year. The day of the date should always be the f...
    Christian Kilthau
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  • Find difference if record in previous year doesn't exist (not just data is null)

    Hello everyone,   I've attached a dummy workbook.   If there is no record for Netherlands in 2017 at all, not just null for a certain measure, how do I graph the difference in Sales $ if I want to assume t...
    Ellen Yeung
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  • Basic Variance + - Bar

    Hi,   Is it possible to do a variance bar graph like this one, but in Tableau?   Basically, I want to do a cost aggregate, where red is anything 0 - -(50K) and blue is (50k).   This example below is ...
    Scott McLaughlin
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  • Head count vizualization

    Hi Is there a possibility to visualize head count data as the picture attached?   The black ares is the current active employees (for example, on May, the head count is about 50 employees. On August, the head c...
    Efi Perez
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  • Border for tableau dashboard

    Hi,   I need to showcase the dashboard with the Wave border..   can any help me to get this sort out?   Thanks, sasidhar M.
    sasidhar manelluru
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  • String that is partially bold and has a tooltip when hovering over it?

    Hi all,   I've been trying to find a solution but haven't found it yet. I have a list with sentences like the following:   The triangle is red The square is orange Etc..   When hovering over a line...
    Willem van Opzeeland
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  • Top 10 total for Non-Aggregated sheet

    Hello,   Kindly assist on how to arrive top 10 total at row level meaning unticked aggregate measures from analysis tab .
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