• TableauServerClient python script fails to connect to tableau server

    Hi All,   I developed a automation script using tableau server client to automate login, download, update connection details and publish the dashboards to different tableau servers like(dev, qa, stg, prod). Usin...
    Vijay S
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  • Is it possible to create a time-series calculated field for use in views?

    Note: Due to HIPAA, I can't share the project or the data. I know this will make assistance more difficult, so I thank anyone in advance who spends any time on this.   Each row (record) in my data corresponds to...
    William Trible
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  • How to download actual hyper file published using Tableau Prep Builder toTableau Online?

    Hi,   How to download actual hyper file published using Tableau Prep Builder to Tableau Online? How to download it from Tableau Online?
    shiva reddy
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  • Runnning window median for 12 months

    Hello Tableau users - For a business use case, we have to display median of all projects in the span of previous 12 months. Calculation takes median of the entire data set (which holds all the individual project durat...
    Reshma Pulipati
    created by Reshma Pulipati
  • Dynamic Sorting of Calculated Field

    Hi, I have a table that contains moving average calculations (last 3 weeks) and a comparison that looks like the below:   Category Dec 30, 2020 Jan 6, 2020 Jan 13, 2020 Jan 20, 2020 Jan 27, 2020 Food 3.39% 5.5...
    Moti Laluom
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  • Max Edit Date

    Hi all! First time poster.   I am having an issue with an assignment where we are trying to take an invoice number, it's max edit date and then listing the individual who made that edit. We only wish to display ...
    Justin White
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  • how connet webserviess in tableau

    Hi Team,   Please give steps how to connect webserviess in tableau
    brahmaiah putta
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  • Viewer license capabilities

    Hello,   Would a user with viewer license be able to change the filters, interact with action filters? License Role is viewer, max site role is viewer.   Thanks!
    Priya Kudva
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  • Trying to calculate a percentage between two numbers and am getting results that are not accurate. Need to some help with this. :-)

    I am trying to calculate a percentage between two numbers but my results for one is working while the other is not.   The first calculation that works is a field called "Eligible Population Opting For Compliment...
    Keith Richmond
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  • Prior Year Calculation

    Hi,   I've been having trouble getting prior year.   Basically, I want to show both current year and prior year values as separate measures. Then I want to calculate variance.   In the attached workb...
    Prachi Kapadia
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  • How to create Histogram for Bins

    Hi Tableau Community,   I would like to create Histogram on bins which will allow users to select the bucket size and to group a value any above based on parameter input.   Regards, CK
    Chaitanya Kulkarni
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  • "Point" geometry unsupported error - postgreSQL

    I'm pretty unfamiliar with PostgreSQL and the connection with Tableau. I'm basically trying to follow this post to create a "dot density" map: https://community.tableau.com/people/sarah.battersby.0/blog/2018/03/07/do...
    Katie Schmidt
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  • Problem with making a crosstab

    Hi everyone,   I am working with FIFA world cup data and want to create a crosstab of world cup winners, runner-ups, 3rd, and fourth position holders for each year of world cup event. But I am unable to position...
    Bhaswati Das
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  • 複数列のカウントの和を棒グラフ化したい

    はじめまして。お世話になります。     ユニークなIDの列と、担当者1~担当者7の列があり、後者には佐藤、田中、高橋などの文字列が入っています。 行に担当者、列にIDのカウントをとって担当者が出てくる回数の棒グラフを作りたいです。 担当者1,2,...,7それぞれのグラフは簡単にできるのですが、 1~7で和をとったグラフの作り方がよくわかりません。 同じ佐藤でも1に入ることもあれば、4に入ることもあ...
    Katsuya S
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  • Calculated field

    hi everyone, I am new to tableau so please be patient with me.   I want to build a similar structure in tableau. Attached sheet contains formulas highlighted in yellow. How can i do that?   please request ...
    Gaurav Arora
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  • Rendering (Client/Server) and filters

    Hi all,   When I change filters on a dashboard, it is changing the weight on some of the elements on the dashboard.  I think I've identified that this is something do with the server/client rendering - howe...
    Russell Love
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  • Action filter

    Hi,   I have a panel with filter actions. In it I use to exclude all values when filtering. This makes it a button that I click on and it shows a spreadsheet. When I click on another "button" the previous one do...
    Deborah  Rocha
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  • Beginer- How to integrate Vizalerts with Tableau.

    Hi, Experts,   I am new to Viz alerts and I need to integrate it with tableau. Can you please help me with steps and if any documents will be appreciated.   And also can we get the below scenario with Viza...
    Sunil Kumar
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  • Missing dimension column header on text table display

    Hi,   This is maybe pretty basic but I am not able to add the column header of the dimension; as a result, the viewer cannot not see what dimension is showing...?   Any clues? Thanks in advance.   Ju...
    Julien Garçon
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  • Dashboard Reset Button ... 1 Click vs 2 Clicks

    Hello All, I've been able to assemble a "Reset" button for my dashboard designed to make it easy for viewers to easily get back to the starting point. I know there are a couple Tableau approaches built in ESC perhaps...
    Greg Reinecke
    created by Greg Reinecke