• Populate dropdowns

    Hi,   Can anybody guide me how to achieve the below functionality:   Required Funcionality For instace ., If i have 3 dropdowns, the 3rd dropdown should be populated based on 2nd dropdown selected  v...
    Shruthi H D
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  • How to convert Qilkview Dashboard into Tableau.

    Hi All,   I have a dashboard which created in qilkview.My organization want to convert or create same dashboard in Tableau. There are 10  table which has primary key and some have foreignkey. & in qilkv...
    Pramod Singh
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  • Tracking Vehicle Drop Offs

    Hi All - I'm trying to analyze how often our vehicles are dropping off customers at a certain point.  The data is from a vehicle tracker system that produces a GEO location every couple of seconds for all the veh...
    Chad Wells
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  • 初期表示が遅い時の対処法 [Tableau Server]

    もし良い解決策をお持ちの方がいたら伺いたいのですが。   作ったビューがものすごく重い時、(主にTableau Serverで)開くのに何分か待つことになるのですが 実は使いたいのは、その後、フィルタの条件を入れての検索だったりします。   そのため、最初に表示されるまでの時間は全くの無駄なのですが・・・・。   こうした時、初期表示を軽くする、良い方法をお持ちでしょうか?   &#...
    Yoshito Asai
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  • Line Chart - All lines on one chart

    I'm trying to create a line chart for our 20 areas.  I want all 20 areas to have a line on the same chart, but tableau makes 20 different charts.  How do I get all 20 areas on the same line chart?
    Peter Shaw
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  • [ まとめ ] Tableau Ambassador 座談会 第7回 3/23(金曜)22:00

    こちら(↓)にまとめていただきました。   第7回 Tableau Ambassador 座談会 - Togetter 他のBIツールとか、周辺環境について   Thanks, Shin
  • How to sort dashboards whitin workbooks by RestApi?

    Hello Tableau Community,   Is it possible to take over the sorting of dashboards within your workbook via the RestApi?   The results that I now get from the dashboards within a workbook seem to keep a rand...
    Leon Pragt
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  • Creating a dashboard to display cumulative returns on investment when invested on every Monday since the initial investment

    Here in attached is a work book that calculates the cumulative investment but I want to go one step further and be able to tweak it to show me the returns if I invest  £1000 every Mondayfrom the time of my I...
    Sharada Sharma
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  • Data in query

    Buenos días, Una consulta   Tengo está base de datos que viene de un query..... Quisiera que ese nivel 03 que viene de desglosar la dimensión cuenta.... extraer la dimensión GR01/ y so...
    Zulay Martinez
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  • Date calculation

    Hello all,   I have a sample dataset as shown below.   Date               A          B...
    Albert Alaluf
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  • Combining 3 Line Graphs

    Hi all,   New to Tableau and stuck on how to combine three data columns into one line graph. I am able to combine two via Dual Axis but cannot figure out how to add the third - I tried Measure Values but got a li...
    Julia C
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  • Define the start and end of a color spectrum legend with code

    Hi,   I have a heat map of London areas. which I change the background with a drop-down category selection.   I change the values of spectrum legend with the selection of the category with the following ...
    Maryam Honari
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  • Formatting Latitude and Longitude

    Good evening. I am trying to map latitude and longitude data which comes from a live connection to SQL server however the latitude and longitude data is stored as whole numbers IE no decimal points and the longitude i...
    Christopher Jenkins
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  • Live MS SQL server data refreshed on data source page but not in graph

    Solved, it was a newbie problem working with dates. Day was displaying such that Feb 1 and Mar 1 were taken to mean "1." Changed to exact date         Situation: Tableau desktop 10.5.1 Data sour...
    David Plaut
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  • Connecting to Anaplan on a Remote Desktop?

    Help!   I have a remote desktop that I run large extracts on. This machine has the most updated version of 10.3 installed. I need to connect to Anaplan and join to another table. I am able to connect via Crede...
    Tracie Wood
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  • Columns compact form

    I would find it annoying that all data must be in a new column. I have multiple level product groups and I find it hard to use them because it takes to much with. My question is, is there a way to make the columns sta...
    Daniel Andell
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  • Waterfall Dashboard Action --> If no action then certain value

    Hi Tableau Community,   i´ve a dashboard with a waterfall chart. Therefore i´ve created a dashboard action which gives me the opportunity to drill down and show for example the corresponding Top/Flop...
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  • R forecasting

    New to R.  What I am attempting to do is build a vis that will forecast daily weekly and monthly product inventory.  I have tried to use a couple of the built in data sources like the super store but not hav...
    Austen Robinson
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  • Multiple users access for dashboard embedded in web-page with named user license

    I have a dashboard embedded in a webpage that uses its own authentication, along with that it uses a token in tableau sign in URL to sign in the tableau. Now I want multiple users can access that dashboard simultaneou...
    SUMIT Goyal
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  • LastWriteTime: Cannot get modification time of non-existent path

    I'm on Tableau 10.5 desktop and I have been receiving the following error when I try to refresh my data extracts from a SAS dataset stored in a shared drive:  LastWriteTime: Cannot get modification time of non-ex...
    John Veltman
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