• How to visualize average concurrent events per day

    Hello everyone, I am fairly new to Tableau and the task I've been assigned is causing me some headaches... I have a data base of events, each with a given "start_date" and "end_date", in the format < DD/MM/YYYY hh...
    Federica Calanca
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  • calendar

    Hi,all Is there a way to arrange this?Use Sample - Superstore
    小 柠檬
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  • Traduzir campos usando a opção de parâmetro

    Olá,   Criei vários painéis no Tableau no idioma português, porém apareceu a necessidade de deixar a opção de Espanhol e Inglês. Consegui utilizando a opç...
    Edelaine  silqueira
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  • Sudden appearance of "Cannot read property 'isInstanceOfType' of undefined"

    Yesterday around 3PM PDT, we started receiving this error message in https://public.tableau.com/javascripts/api/tableau-2.3.0.js .   Is anyone else seeing this?   Regards, Dave
    Dave Gerton
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  • how to find relevant information about Tableau?

    Hello!   I've been using Tableau for just a few months, started with Desktop 2018.2, currently running Desktop 2019.1.  In SQL/R world one can generally use google to search keywords and find relevant d...
    Lucas Chadwick
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  • Matrix showing intersection of dimension members

    I have a dimension called campaign and I want to create a chart that will show how many users that opted in for one campaign also opted in for various others.   The end result would look something like this: ...
    Andy Hulsey
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  • Variable Periods in one Worksheet (Columns)

    Hi All,   its my first posting here in forum, cause im a beginner in using tableau.   Due to this your input is really appreciated regarding the following issue. How to handle different periods (related to...
    Marko Wetzel
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  • Rendering issue happening on Server while using Image on the dashboard

    Hi All,   I am trying to use an image in my dashboard, it looks fine on desktop but when I publish it on server the the image pixels are breaking and image is getting blur.   On Desktop:   On Serve...
    Jyoti Singh
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  • Making Friends With Modulo %

    Have you ever heard a word for the first time, only to hear that word used three times in the same day? Well the same thing has happened to me: though it’s not with heterochromia, but with Tableau’s modulo...
    Michael Hesser
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  • Tabjolt - Error loading jvm.dll

    We have performed the below steps to install TabJolt at a client site. We are stuck and need help to take it forward. We have tried our best to solve the error but no luck.   The machine where TabJolt is instal...
    Sourabh Dasgupta
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  • Based on the user selection i want to " Show All Values" or "Top 5"?

    Hi, Please help on bellow scenario.please find the attached Tbleau file.   1)Based on  the user selection when over select parameter "Show all values" below fields i want to show. Sno Customer name group ...
    tgvr reddy
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  • Random numbers at the end of URL when published

    Hey, I was developing a report in Tableau Desktop, saved the file as DasboardName, but when published on our cloud environment the URL link changed and added random numbers after Dashboard Name, which is not ideal for...
    Gediminas Tamenas
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  • Coloring Text in Specific Columns Only

    Example workbook attached.  I need to color the text of 2 of the columns in a cross tab while leaving the others uncolored.  In my current version, I have the below so far by putting the %up/down in the text...
    Ben Perlman
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  • Action filter does not retain on swapped sheets

    Hello,   I wanted to use dashboard filter actions with multiple sheets.  However, it seems like action filter does not retain on the swapped sheets controlled by parameter on dashboard.   1. filter by...
    Kazumi Nozawa
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  • Calc Field

    Hello,   I am looking for a calculated field which will help me pull   Problem: To identify a count of candidates who had multiple phone interviews either for same role or different roles (Field Name: Cate...
    San M
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  • Highlighting one graph and filtering another

    Hello,   I was just wondering if it is possible to have a map as a filter on a viz that will filter for some graphs on the viz and highlight for others?   Basically just wondering if it is possible to use...
    Hannah Millington
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  • Reporting sample size

    I can't seem to find an answer to this, though I'm sure it's been asked before:   I am working with survey data and I am trying to add a 'sample size' (n=X) to the title of a sheet, so that I can see the total n...
    Agata Ketterick
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  • Tableau Prep Python Integration – Installing and Setting Up Tabpy

    Here is my latest blog post on Tableau Prep Python Integration and tabpy setup  which covers following topics: 1.  Downloading and Installing Anaconda 2. Creating Virtual Environment 3. Installing Tabpy ...
    created by JOSE CHERIAN
  • How to remove the gap in my trended date line chart?

    Hi, I created a simple line chart to show the trended traffic to a webpage, and I also want to use color to indicate 4 different rounds of promotion period of this page. So I created a calculated field and added it t...
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  • How to Mark an answer as Correct

    This video shows how to mark a response as "Correct Answer"   This marks the post as answered, making it more easily found by fellow Tableau Community users. In addition, it awards some points to the Community m...
    Ciara Brennan
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