• Dashboard Parameter Example.twbx

    By using the 'Sheet Selector' method you can switch dashboards using a parameter.   Creating a Sheet Selector for a Dashboard | Tableau Softwarehttp://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/creating-sheet...
    Don Barnetson
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  • Calculating "period to date" - a collection

    Description This is a collection of some common periodizations (range of dates). I could not for the life of me find a collection of calculations similar to this, so I went and created this myself. Luckily, the calc...
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  • RFM Segmentation

    Description:    The workbook includes calculations of RFM segments and basic views on top of that. For those who not interested in the whole story, the final calculations are under RFM Dim Folder in Dimens...
    Yuriy Fal
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  • Changing Colors Dynamically

    I had a request to have our chart KPIs have a Color Blind option while still having the standard Stop Light coloring option.   Sharing my solution in case others find it useful. Below is a link to a sample viz c...
    Dana Chaffin
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  • string to hours as measures.twbx

    HI I have a time column(string) i need to write a calculation to get the hours (measure).please help me     thanks and regards Bharath Raj
    Bharath  Raj
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  • Custom Tableau Server Admin Views

    Description: Custom Tableau Server admin views for monitoring usage and data server stats. This is provided without warranty or promise of support. You will need to customize this to your own environment. Refer to htt...
    Mark Jackson
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  • Display Line Chart KPI with Seasonal Targets

    I was tasked to represent a KPI with targets that changed each quarter due to seasonal fluctuations. Along with this they wanted to show the previous year in the same chart AND faded in the background.   Oh - a...
    Dana Chaffin
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  • Coloring Parts Of A Text Block

    Current Situation: We are working on getting our Project Managers out of PowerPoint and into entering their data into a SharePoint form so we can create views in Tableau. They are accepting the change but there has b...
    Dana Chaffin
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  • LOD in Tableau.docx

    LOD(Level of Detail) Expressions in Tableau for better understanding with examples@
    Ravi Teja Baratam
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  • Replacing No Data with 0 or Another Value

    Description:   Often times there will be what looks like NULL data in the data, however, it really is No data. (Refer to the blank spaces in the below view).         Example Calculation: &...
    Jonathan Drummey
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  • Änderung der Wertebezeichnung (Import von SPSS)

    Hallo zusammen,   wie man an meiner Fragen merkt, bin ich ein neuer User von Tableau. Es geht um folgendes: Meine Daten stammen ursprünglich aus SPSS. Dort gibt es ganz normal jede Menge variablen. Nehmen w...
    Tobias Ganowski
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  • Need Solution for LOD caluclation

    HI All,      I need solution for Below case case: I need count of each Male and Female Fraud's happen in each country,       I tried solution with LOD concept but i get ...
    Ravi Teja Baratam
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  • Creating a % of Sales Column

    I have created a summary version of my company income statement and I am trying to create a column that calculates a Percentage of sales.  As you can see in the picture below, I have created a measure of each yea...
    Nick Rodrigues
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  • Covariance, Trend Lines, Correlation Coefficient R and R-Squared

    Description: These calculations provide the basic correlation values in calculated fields. These include covariance slope of trend line, using on cov(x,y) / var(x) Pearson's correlation coefficient, "R", which is ...
    Jonathan Drummey
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  • Spider Chart Background

    This workbook can be used to build a spider background image for inclusion in a spider chart workbook. A lot of credit goes to Ken Flerlage for his original version which inspired us. We changed from a single polygon ...
    nigel shaw
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  • Strip URL's of parameters in Tableau

    Description:  I often need to parse Google Analytics data or any other data that contains a list of URL's.  While doing this, I need to remove the parameters that appear at the end of a content url so pages ...
    Patrick Van Der Hyde
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  • Rate Estimate Standard Errors

    Description:   Rates are commonly estimated statistically with the ratio of additive aggregates, such as the ratio of sums, or averages. There are three principle reasons driving the use of ratios of estimates: ...
    Aaron Sheldon
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  • Record Level Standard Scores

    Description:   I would argue that standard scores, or z scores, are the canonical example of using an empty INCLUDE level of detail calculation to create record level compositions of aggregates and non-aggregates...
    Aaron Sheldon
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  • Creating Sankey Chart via Easy Template

    Download Template Workbook: Sankey Minimal Template Vizible Difference: Creating Sankey Chart as Easy as 1-2-3 in Tableau   - Load your data source into the template workbook - Union the data table with itse...
    Alexander Mou
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  • Generate shape (x,y) coordinates for XY Graphs/Polygons

    Workbook is attached, or tool can be accessed on Tableau Public https://public.tableau.com/profile/jennifer.vonhagel#!/vizhome/GenerateXYforShapes/ShapeCoordinates   Description This workbook is a tool that le...
    Jennifer VonHagel
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