• Calculated Field

    I'm new to Tableau and trying to create a calculated field that has 3 steps of calculations. Looking for help in creating calculated field.   Step :1 IF [Complexity] = High THEN L1 IF [Complexity] = Medium THE...
    Anoosha Racha
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  • Covariance, Trend Lines, Correlation Coefficient R and R-Squared

    Description: These calculations provide the basic correlation values in calculated fields. These include covariance slope of trend line, using on cov(x,y) / var(x) Pearson's correlation coefficient, "R", which is ...
    Jonathan Drummey
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  • Who has seen this view?  Workbook and View hits report-v2.

    This report was created in version 10.2 and supersedes the prior version at Who has seen this view?  Workbook and View hits report.  Make sure 'readonly' user access has been set up on your Tableau Server. M...
    Toby Erkson
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  • Spider Chart Background

    This workbook can be used to build a spider background image for inclusion in a spider chart workbook. A lot of credit goes to Ken Flerlage for his original version which inspired us. We changed from a single polygon ...
    nigel shaw
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  • Create join with calculated fields

    Hello, Tableau friends,   I just want to share a little of what I've learned with the use of Tableau. I really do not know if someone has already mentioned what I am going to explain on this occasion, I hope it ...
    Yeyner Escobar
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  • Strip URL's of parameters in Tableau

    Description:  I often need to parse Google Analytics data or any other data that contains a list of URL's.  While doing this, I need to remove the parameters that appear at the end of a content url so pages ...
    Patrick Van Der Hyde
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  • Rate Estimate Standard Errors

    Description:   Rates are commonly estimated statistically with the ratio of additive aggregates, such as the ratio of sums, or averages. There are three principle reasons driving the use of ratios of estimates: ...
    Aaron Sheldon
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  • Record Level Standard Scores

    Description:   I would argue that standard scores, or z scores, are the canonical example of using an empty INCLUDE level of detail calculation to create record level compositions of aggregates and non-aggregates...
    Aaron Sheldon
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  • Creating Sankey Chart via Easy Template

    Download Template Workbook: Sankey Minimal Template Vizible Difference: Creating Sankey Chart as Easy as 1-2-3 in Tableau   - Load your data source into the template workbook - Union the data table with itse...
    Alexander Mou
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  • Generate shape (x,y) coordinates for XY Graphs/Polygons

    Workbook is attached, or tool can be accessed on Tableau Public https://public.tableau.com/profile/jennifer.vonhagel#!/vizhome/GenerateXYforShapes/ShapeCoordinates   Description This workbook is a tool that le...
    Jennifer VonHagel
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  • What ATTR() Does and Testing Whether ATTR() Returns * (Multiple Values)

    About ATTR(): ATTR() is a special Tableau function that effectively returns a record-level result as an aggregation. If there are multiple values of the record-level field in the current context then ATTR() will re...
    Jonathan Drummey
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  • Dynamic Axis Labels/Formatting/Tooltips for Measure Selector

    Description: Dynamic Axis Labels/Formatting/Tooltips for Measure Selector Screenshot: Tableau Version: 8.2 Original Author: Simon Runc I've seen quite a few questions, on the forum, on using a meas...
    Simon Runc
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  • Tableau vizql rendering

    This is a newly created workbook that is part of our custom admin portfolio and in a sense is complementary to the "stats load time" built in admin view.  If you make any enhancements, please share.   The t...
    Jeff Strauss
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  • My first viz needs your comments

    mehmet özen
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  • Excel's Networkdays Alternative (Count days excluding Weekend) [version 2]

    Several months ago, I wrote something relating to the Excel's Networkdays alternative.   EXCEL's "networkdays" s alternative   I recently realized that there are much simpler way to get same result. At th...
    Shinichiro Murakami
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  • Select Latest Date by Default in Discrete Date Filter

    EDIT: This seems to have been implemented in Tableau 10.   Many people have had the problem with being unable to have dynamic defaults set for filters (e.g. select latest date). There is, however, a roundabout w...
    Luke Beacon
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  • Gas Data.twbx

    Chetan Rana
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  • Building a Dynamic Histogram (Bins and Meassures)

    Description:  here I share an idea of how to build a dynamic histogram in different selected measure ... by adding different measure and automatically calculate the suitable Pin size of this selected measure, and...
    haitham Farouk
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  • 100 colour palettes.twbx

    Updated version of Neil Richards workbook for 100 Colour Palettes that includes a selectable text string for the palette that you choose. A very minor change compared to all the work that Neil put in. It did give me a...
    nigel shaw
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  • Rectangular Bins for Latitude and Longitude

    Description: It is sometimes useful to show high volume geographic data summarised into rectangular bins. This is tricky, though, because of the distortion caused by the map projection.   Robert Morton provided...
    Richard Leeke
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