• Urgent! Help needed! Budget Visualisation

    Hey, We are students, that have never worked with Tableau before and we are in need for some expertise on the following problem: Creating our Tableau workbooks and dashboards, we have bunch of data about Cruise com...
    Yordan Nikolov
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  • Z-test : Proportions : Sample Size

      The workbook is a recipe for calculating a required Sample Size for two independent Proportions given Alpha, Power (1-Beta) and Effect Size. It is applied to a binary (categorical) outcome measure, such as ...
    Yuriy Fal
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  • Excel's Networkdays Alternative (Count days excluding Weekend) [version 2]

    Several months ago, I wrote something relating to the Excel's Networkdays alternative.   EXCEL's "networkdays" s alternative   I recently realized that there are much simpler way to get same result. At th...
    Shinichiro Murakami
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  • MySQL Superstore data

    SQL file to create and populate sample data from superstore to MySQL
    Allan Oliveira
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  • Metrics.png

    Hello Everyone!    Please see the below screenshot. I need to understand how is the Grand total calculated for rows and columns.  Here, I have chosen
    Bindu Yadav
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  • Tab.PNG

       Hello Everyone!    I am very new to tableau, I was exploring different visualizations available in tableau. I saw the above area chart type, here, I would need to understand on creating legends along with...
    Bindu Yadav
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  • Metric SLA.xlsx

    Hello Everyone!   I need to write a logical condition in order to highlight the values in tableau. Below is the sample data. Here, I need to highlight the values which is greater than the "Metric SLA" As "Above ...
    Bindu Yadav
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  • Nulls Handling - String, Date, Numerical Data types

    This document is prepared intend to handle the nulls.   We may have nulls in String Data type Columns, Date Data Type Columns, Numeric Data Type Columns, Which cracks our heads while creating calculations, This ...
    Tableau kumar
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  • Dynamic Axis Range - Fixing One End (or both, or have it dynamic)

    Description: In Tableau you have the option of Fixing the Axis Range (both Upper and Lower bounds), or letting Tableau choose (by deselecting 'Include Zero'). Sometimes you want to just fix one end. This little tr...
    Simon Runc
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  • Cohort Analysis : Reactivation, Retention, Churn

    Description:   This is a variation of a (common) reactivation-retention-churn analysis.   To put a customer into a particular cohort bin for a particular period, one could lookup both previous and nex...
    Yuriy Fal
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  • Current vs Previous Period to Date Comparison

    Description: This workbook outlines methods of comparing Current Period to Date vs the Previous Period to Date based on 3 Parameters: Date Selection (Calendar Param), Period (List Param, i.e. Year, Quarter, Month) a...
    Patrick Van Der Hyde
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  • Round Bars with Circles Inside - Visual Gap Comparison

    I was asked to give a visual comparison between several elements and show the length of the gap from the highest to the lowest.   Below is my solution: Bar Length: From Lowest Point (sales) to Highest Point (sa...
    Dana Chaffin
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  • Create join with calculated fields

    Hello, Tableau friends,   I just want to share a little of what I've learned with the use of Tableau. I really do not know if someone has already mentioned what I am going to explain on this occasion, I hope it ...
    Yeyner Escobar
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  • Time Difference is showing wrong?

    Hi I have situation where i have two fields 1st field has 12pm and 2nd field has 1pm. I'm applying Date Diff on this two fields I'm Getting wrong data. Any one please help me. It is working for all other records. It...
    Bharath  Raj
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  • Who has seen this view?  Workbook and View hits report-v2.

    This report was created in version 10.2 and supersedes the prior version at Who has seen this view?  Workbook and View hits report.  Make sure 'readonly' user access has been set up on your Tableau Server. M...
    Toby Erkson
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  • Building a Dynamic Histogram (Bins and Meassures)

    Description:  here I share an idea of how to build a dynamic histogram in different selected measure ... by adding different measure and automatically calculate the suitable Pin size of this selected measure, and...
    haitham Farouk
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  • Executive Report Portal Dashboard

    Description: This is a report portal built as a Tableau Dashboard. The purpose is to help tame the wild west of reporting, which is Tableau Server. Note: This connects to Tableau Server's postgresql database, so you'l...
    Mark Jackson
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  • ABC analysis

    ABC analysis in Tableau typically involves Table Calculations -- as the logic behind grouping items is based on their Percentile Ranks.   For example, the 'A' group would consist of the first 20% of Products ...
    Yuriy Fal
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  • What Field Should You Use?

    Description: Ever wonder about the differences between discrete (blue) fields and continuous (green) fields?  Ever wonder why you can place certain fields on the filters shelf, but not others? I had b...
    Joshua Milligan
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  • Relevant Value Quick Filters v10.0+

    Tableau Version v10.0+ What are relevant value quick filters? Relevant value quick filters, or cascading filters as they are often referred, are a wonderful user friendly way to quickly slice and analyze data. The c...
    Chris Beck
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