• Mt. Helen climate data .twb

    On May 18 1980, a volcano eruption at Mountain Helens destroyed the ecosystem. It is a great opportunity to investigate the process of different species recovery. The purpose of this visualization is to explore the po...
    Jeff Tan
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  • Display Fiscal Week End Dates while using the "Week Number" Datetrunc on the Canvas

    Description:   A member of the community recently ran into an issue where they needed to display week ending dates on a graph. How to show only the Week Ending Date with show missing values selection?   ...
    Rody Zakovich
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  • OLAP working with Dates - TC15

    Description:  This workbook is from the TC15 presentation "OLAP: A Jedi's First Lightsaber".  This is part 1 of the presentation focusing on date and time dimension usage in OLAP.    Scre...
    Brad Welch
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  • Fast box plots for large data sets

    Tableau's box plots are convenient and attractive, but require fetching all the data points to Tableau that will influence the box plot, doing all the percentile computations on the client instead of at the data sourc...
    Alex Blakemore
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  • TC15 Interactive Schedule Builder

    Description:  This is an update to the workbook I built and shared last year. Thankfully the folks at Tableau made the data available again so this was not too bad to re-create.  This version does...
    Dan Rullo
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  • Human Readable Row Level Dynamic Bins

    Description: By modifying Joe Mako continuous bin formula, and with some big help from Simon Runc, this workbook demonstrates how to create a Human Readable Row Level Dynamic Bin. STR(     IF ...
    Rody Zakovich
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  • Exclude Colors from Grand Totals for Sparse Data

    Description: There are KBs and Community Posts with solutions for removing colors from Grand Total Rows/Columns - but they may not work for sparse data.  This workbook demonstrates a way to remove color encoding ...
    Ken Schiele
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  • Understanding Joins

    Description: A basic set of data that can be used to test join logic. Screenshot: Tableau Version:8.2 Original Author: Nick Hara
    Nicholas Hara
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  • Number Formatting with Comma Separator inside Parameter Calculation

    Description:  When using parameters to swap measures, we lose our default number formatting for those measures.  This simple workbook demonstrates one way to do some basic number formatting, including adding...
    Matt Lutton
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  • Dual Axis Color Shelf - How to Color by a Dimension AND a Range of a Measure

    This is already covered here, but it came up recently, so I thought I'd post an example.   Create a Dual Color Axis in Tableau | InterWorks, Inc.   In the attached 8.1.6 packaged workbook, I am coloring th...
    Matt Lutton
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  • Size() does matter!

    Click here to explore and download! Description: In this workbook, we explore some unique applications of Table Calculation based filtering. By defining column or row count thresholds, we can manipulate fit option...
    Andrew Hill
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