• Dynamic Axis Range - Fixing One End (or both, or have it dynamic)

    Description: In Tableau you have the option of Fixing the Axis Range (both Upper and Lower bounds), or letting Tableau choose (by deselecting 'Include Zero'). Sometimes you want to just fix one end. This little tr...
    Simon Runc
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  • Create join with calculated fields

    Hello, Tableau friends,   I just want to share a little of what I've learned with the use of Tableau. I really do not know if someone has already mentioned what I am going to explain on this occasion, I hope it ...
    Yeyner Escobar
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  • Display Line Chart KPI with Seasonal Targets

    I was tasked to represent a KPI with targets that changed each quarter due to seasonal fluctuations. Along with this they wanted to show the previous year in the same chart AND faded in the background.   Oh - a...
    Dana Chaffin
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  • Coloring Parts Of A Text Block

    Current Situation: We are working on getting our Project Managers out of PowerPoint and into entering their data into a SharePoint form so we can create views in Tableau. They are accepting the change but there has b...
    Dana Chaffin
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  • Änderung der Wertebezeichnung (Import von SPSS)

    Hallo zusammen,   wie man an meiner Fragen merkt, bin ich ein neuer User von Tableau. Es geht um folgendes: Meine Daten stammen ursprünglich aus SPSS. Dort gibt es ganz normal jede Menge variablen. Nehmen w...
    Tobias Ganowski
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  • Spider Chart Background

    This workbook can be used to build a spider background image for inclusion in a spider chart workbook. A lot of credit goes to Ken Flerlage for his original version which inspired us. We changed from a single polygon ...
    nigel shaw
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  • Dynamic Axis Labels/Formatting/Tooltips for Measure Selector

    Description: Dynamic Axis Labels/Formatting/Tooltips for Measure Selector Screenshot: Tableau Version: 8.2 Original Author: Simon Runc I've seen quite a few questions, on the forum, on using a meas...
    Simon Runc
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  • 100 colour palettes.twbx

    Updated version of Neil Richards workbook for 100 Colour Palettes that includes a selectable text string for the palette that you choose. A very minor change compared to all the work that Neil put in. It did give me a...
    nigel shaw
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  • Lightbox Example.twbx

    This workbook shows a nice way of using a Lightbox technique. Useful for wowing your users with this nice bit of unexpected yet intuitive interactivity. Inspired by: Using Lightboxes in Tableau to Avoid Scrollbar...
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  • Expanded Color Palettes

    I created an expanded Preferences.tps file when I was searching for more color options. I think it's pretty awesome so I wanted to share.
    Mark Bradbourne
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  • Country_Currency_Finder.twbx

    Country API connection via Alteryx, Tableau dashboard to determine the currency and the usage frequency based upon other countries. For example multiple countries use the USD therefore the amount of countries that uti...
    Chrystal Kingstad
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  • Date range for table calculation

    Description:  Sometimes we need to display table calculation filtered on date range without ignoring the fields that out of range ...   For example if I want to display running total of sum(sales) from J...
    haitham Farouk
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  • Calendar Heatmap without breaks between months

    Description: The most straightforward way to make a calendar heat map leaves odd blank spots at the boundaries of the months if you use Month(Date) as a dimension on a row or column shelf to get a Month label. So if...
    Alex Blakemore
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  • Best Hotle Analysis.twbx

    This study focuses on the lodging/hotel segment of the multibillion-dollar hospitality industry. With the information collected from different hotels and companies such as Expedia, it is possible to have a deeper unde...
    Qingya Wang
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  • Currency Conversion with Tableau & Google Sheets

    Tableau Version: 9.1.1 and aboveGoogle Sheets: 10.0 and aboveWeb Data Connector: 9.1.1 and above  Historically, currency conversion is best advised to be architected in your backend data source. While this works...
    Chris Beck
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  • Cell level formatting

    Description: Do you want a single row to have different marks, different formatting and different colour palettes? This workbook uses a workaround with multiple axes to allow you to do just that Screenshot: ...
    Jonathan Drummey
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  • Vintage Car Assignment - Final.twbx

    This tableau assignment provides an insight about the vintage cars being sold by 3 dealers. The data been interpreted based on the different dimension of the data for a meaningful insight to the business.
    Swami nathan
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  • hex tile pyramid.xlsx

    I created a hex tile pyramid template to use for rankings/hierarchies. I have several versions of rankings in the Excel file, so just map the one that you may need for your data set. You will need to join the workshee...
    Ryan Colliver
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  • Marimekko charts in Tableau (links and troubleshooting)

    On the Tableau blog is a 3 part series on building Marimekko charts in Tableau using the new mark sizing feature in Tableau v10, and due to the size of the posts there was some troubleshooting material that couldn't f...
    Jonathan Drummey
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  • NagJamullamudi_Project.twbx

    Insights from real time data - National Center for Education Statistics with exploratory and descriptive data visualizations and action dashboards guides international students to elite US universities
    Nagarjuna Jamullamudi
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