• Sankey diagram made of dynamically generated polygons

    As I was working on building a Sankey Diagram with Tableau, I found the excellent articles of Jeffrey Shaffer from Data + Science developing a methodology to build a Sankey in Tableau. His two articles (first & se...
    Olivier CATHERIN
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  • How to create the below mentioned Chart in Tableau?

    Hi All,   Can someone please explain me about the below mentioned chart?   what is the name of below mentioned chart and help me how to create the report using Tableau?  
    Anand Bale
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  • HOW DO THE JAPANESE SPEND THEIR LEISURE TIME? -part 1- (Project #vizitJapan)

    Any comment is welcome  
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  • Adding secondary dataset to display study data

    Hi everyone,   Let me first say that I'm super grateful for this community. As I navigate the complexities of Tableau, I am blown away by all of the talented viz developers who I have learned from so THANK YOU! ...
    Scott Macdonald
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  • Google Map Integration to Dashboard

    Hi All,     I have latitude and Longitude Data and I want show them in Tableau Maps and As well as Google maps(In dashboard).   I have created Tableau Map and Unable add Google Map (Showing The Google...
    Sai Manikanta N
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  • Analytic Perspective of the Holocaust

    Hey, I wanted to share another article i wrote where all visualizations were made using Tableau.   The Digital Survivors — Analytic Perspective of the Holocaust https://towardsdatascience.com/the-digital-su...
    yoav tepper
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    This viz is derived from HOW DO THE JAPANESE SPEND THEIR LEISURE TIME? -part 1- (Project #vizitJapan) It seems like that Japanese's participation rate in volunteer is low, so here comes a comparison of several count...
    created by lei.chen.0
  • Vending Machines in Japan (Project #vizitJapan)

    My third viz in #vizitJpan Project.   I became very fond of this function of "Insert Viz Link" in the community       Regards Lei
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  • Time periods in Tableau

    A recent query on the forum prompted me to put together the attached (v8.3) where I use a parameter date to drive different time periods on a single sheet.   Time calculations include: Today Yesterday Week to...
    Mark Fraser
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  • VISITORS to JAPAN: EXPENDITURES (viz of #vizitJapan Project)

    I'd like to share my 2rd (+ some toics) viz in #vizitJapan Project.   Launching Project #vizitJapan   Welcome for comments and your travel experiences to Japan.         Regards Lei
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  • Grouping Bins on a Histogram

    Hi everyone,   I was helping out a friend earlier this week and, in the process of helping him build the visualization he wanted, I was able to create a workaround for a problem I have run into before that I tho...
    Ben Young
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  • CROSS JOIN with Tableau's join dialog

    August 15, 2017   This article was originally posted March 28, 2016. Version 9.0 of Tableau was used.   From release 10.2 it is possible to use dummy values 1 = 1 in Tableau's join dialog and thus not nece...
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  • Reinventing the Résumé and Application process with Tableau

      Often times BI Tableau Developers are plagued with the difficult decision of either showcasing their work to a potential employer, which can be the deciding factor in receiving an offer but often comes at the e...
    steven baez
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  • Help Tableau understand dashboard practices

    The Tableau User Research team would like to better understand practices around answering questions with data, especially around dashboard use. Help us learn how to make analytics tools more effective!   We'd a...
    Melanie Tory
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  • How to make custom map in following viz?

    Hello experts,   Please see attached viz.   Does any one has an idea how to make the this?     And I also see the original data, but I don't know how to get X and Y values.     An...
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  • Changing Legend shape

    Is it possible to change the legend shape for Outcome from squares to circles (or colored stroke around white circle)?   Thanks,  
    Shelley Cobb
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  • Secondary colored circle

    Hi Tableau Community,   Being new to this platform and community I am a bit green in its functionality and have run into a bit of a head scratcher. Here's the viz in question:   So what I"m trying to do is...
    Shelley Cobb
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  • How can I combine multiple lines?

    Good Morning Everyone,   I've been working on this for a few days now, but I can't figure it out. This is what I'm working with: All I want to do it combine things that are on multiple lines to one line. For...
    Terrence Willocks
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  • Multiple WMS layers, would be awesome :-)

    Lot's of beautiful vizzes possible with Tableau but wouldn't it be great if we could put multiple WMS layers on top of each other just by clicking multiple layers in  Background Maps section :-)   Now we ha...
  • The Advertising Campaigns Dashboard Conundrum

    How to calculate the duration of overlapping campaigns     Issue: An advertising agency wants to know how many days a given campaign has been run for in a given country, regardless of how many advertisement ...
    Nathanael Underwood
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