• Viz Of The Day!!!

    Hi,   How to submit the visualization for Tableau Viz Of The Day ?   Thanks n Regards, MK
    Sai Manikanta N
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  • How to read twb xml tags and export into excel

    Hi, Does anyone has python script that reads through tableau twb files and export the xml tags info in to excel or csv for analysis? What I'm trying to do is a dependency check, we are trying to deprecate a source ...
  • How to Implement Sheet Swap based on the selection in the  sheet.

    hi All,   I have replicated 95 %  of the attached workbook.   Need help with how to implement the condition true/ false &  below created table calculation are created  in the filter. ...
    jaspreet sidhu
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  • Grow your own Filled Maps

    Version 7 filled maps are great, but the one thing you can't do is define your own shapes.   There was a lot of discussion on the version 7 beta forum about how cool it would be to be able to import definitions ...
    Richard Leeke
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  • Map Utility Downloads

    I've recently updated my mapping utilities to work with Tableau 8.2 (in the case of "tabgeohack") and to add support for point and polyline shape files as well as polygons (for "shapetotab").   It just occurred ...
    Richard Leeke
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  • What's in your workbooks? The TWB Auditor

    Do you ever need to audit all your workbooks? Are you about to delete a table from your data warehouse, and don't know which workbooks will be effected? Have you got a workbook with so many sheets you've lost track of...
    Andy Cotgreave
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  • Use Set Actions to Create Calendar Picker

    https://public.tableau.com/profile/robert.breen#!/vizhome/SalesPerformance-WithDatePickerSetActions/SalesPerformance-WithDatePickerSetActions Any Ideas on how to build on this?   Download the viz on public: &#...
    Robert Breen
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  • Making Friends With Modulo %

    Have you ever heard a word for the first time, only to hear that word used three times in the same day? Well the same thing has happened to me: though it’s not with heterochromia, but with Tableau’s modulo...
    Michael Hesser
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  • Sunburst Chart

    Hi All,   I was going through the community and found some questions on the process of creating a sunburst chart. On first look the chart looks a lot complex and tedious, but I found 2 videos that made the whole...
    Jemin Gohil
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  • Data  visualization help

    Hi i am new to tableau and i am having difficulty to make dashboard layout i don't know file with data and desired output attached i dont know how to separate those fields and achieve desire output. plz see attached ...
    Ashraf Anwar
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  • Make your own custom Tableau Server landing page

    Related blog post: http://ugamarkj.blogspot.com/2013/11/customizing-tableau-server-experience.html   After seeing many of my users interact with the Tableau Server interface, I came to the conclusion that it is...
    Mark Jackson
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  • Credit & Debit Counter effect

    Hi Folks,   I want to create a dashboard that shows the $ amount of Credit and Debit in our company funds. Instead of displaying it as a flat figure, I want to add an effect which actually shows a quick incremen...
    Asad Bukhari
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  • Educational Brain Teaser : Empty Rows

    Hi friends,   The #TC19 is over, and it's time for yet another EBT. This one is about filtering while preserving 'Empty Rows'. Like this:   Please, make a guess what the [State Filter] would be? ...
    Yuri Fal
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  • Educational Brain Teaser : Top N Customers by Year

    Hi friends,   Teaser again, this time about finding Top N Customers within each Year.   "Pizza cake, bro" -- one could tell -- "just take a look there": https://kb.tableau.com/articles/howto/finding-the-t...
    Yuri Fal
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  • Decision trees, flow diagrams, sankeys in Tableau... here is a solution !!!

    In this post, we will show how to build a decision tree with Tableau. The goal, as usual, is to do it with a minimum of data preparation. For this example, we will use the superstore dataset provided with the Tableau ...
    Olivier CATHERIN
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  • Educational Brain Teaser : Show N Last & Forecast

    Hi friends,   EBT again, inspired by the following question: Display only one, two or three month history values, but keep all Future values   How about a possible answer like this:   Could one b...
    Yuri Fal
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  • Would love feedback

    I've been working with a friend on this bird's eye workbook of the band Phish, and thought I'd seek suggestions from the Tableau community for improvements in any way before publishing it online. I don't know if that'...
    Shafiqul Islam
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  • Funnel chart

    After searching the net for some time for funnel charts Tableau solutions, I found that the proposed solutions were still missing something: from not being too much of a funnel visually, to some labeling issues, and t...
    Gabor Burlacu
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  • Timeframe Filter

    I have a filter that has 5 values: 1-3 Months 4-12 Months 1-2 Years 2-5 Years     I want it show in a format where: when i choose 1-3 month or 4-12 Months or 1-2 years it should show me in Year, Month and We...
    Soumya Samal
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  • Timeframe format

    I have a filter that has 5 values: 1-3 Months 4-12 Months 1-2 Years 2-5 Years     I want it show in a format where: when i choose 1-3 month or 4-12 Months or 1-2 years it should show me in Year, Month ...
    Soumya Samal
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