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20 Posts authored by: Brent Flyberg Employee

Welcome to another exciting edition of The Tableau Support Blog presents The Quick Fix Article News: brought to you by Tableau Software, a proud subsidiary of the Scheinhardt Wig Company.




Directly below this line you will find the link to a KB article you may have seen a thousand times, but it has been updated in a notable way:


+ Alternative Method for Sending Large Files


We use Egnyte now, it is great. Give it shot! Send me your EP in .flac files via the instructions above, and I will mock it ruthlessly.


I like including at least one MAC specific KB  in these posts, because MAC users generally need all the help they can get...


+ Error "The installation failed." Installing FLEXnet on a Mac


I kid. I kid. I have nothing against MAC users. That's not my war to fight. I'm too busy fighting the war against all of these internet robots to get a pair of Yeezys.


And here's an analytics focused article for you number crunchers out there:


+ Calculating a Compounded Annual Growth Rate


HAHA WHAT EVEN IS A COMPOUNDED ANNUAL GROWTH RATE? RIGHT? RIGHT? No, but if someone could explain that to me, maybe I could start learning some basic personal finance principles, and stop eating beans for every other meal.


See you next time. Stay safe out there.

Quick Fix Article News 1/18


Thanks for stopping by the Quick Fix Article News space,


We have some recently published an updated articles for you to take a gander at. Feel free to take a goose, too.


Creating a Combination Chart That Shows More than Two Measures


Error "Communication with the Tableau Protocol Server process was lost" When Connecting to Excel File


Sort Options Not Available from Toolbar When Data Blending


"Error: Failed to remove service data" Restore Error


If you have any questions about what was updated or why, let me know and I'll track down an answer for you.


Until next time!

Seasons greetings Tableau enthusiasts!


Your non-specific holiday gifts from me this year are the following Quick Fix articles.


If you are a Chrome user, and you have encountered a mysterious "Authentication Failed" error accessing a published dashboard, check this out (spoiler alert – it's Chrome's fault):


Error "Authentication Failed" Viewing Dashboards in Chrome


This next article is pretty specific, but if your organization uses published ODBC data sources, I recommend checking it out:


Unable to Use Aggregations with Published ODBC Data Sources


Stay warm. Unless you're a southern Hemisphere dweller, in which case, stay cool.

Hey I finally made it home from Las Vegas! I got stuck at a baccarat table after Tableau Conference 15, and you can't walk away from a heater. Speaking of heaters, these new Quick Fix Articles are hotter than Charizard's tail.


But before we get to those sweet, sweet KBs, a little housekeeping. This is the last post in the history of the Quick Fix Article News Blog. I will give you a moment to mourn. Perhaps you want to pour out a little bit of your beverage in honor of the QFANB – I'll wait... I will still be posting Quick Fix Article News Updates, but from now on they will be in the Support Blog at the following address:  (You're in the right place)


Now, on to the KBs!


If you have any Tableau Desktop users running version 9.1.1, advise upgrading to 9.1.3 to avoid this known issue our devs fixed:


Error "An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed. Unable to create extract" Creating Extract


This article isn't new, but it was updated recently, and it's a good one to have around for reference if you're ever looking for the best ways to move a workbook from one Tableau Server environment to another:


Moving Individual Workbooks From One Server to Another Server


For any new Tableau Online users who might be scoping out the community (Hi! thanks for joining us!) check this out if SQL Server connections are giving you grief:


Error "Named Pipes Provider: Could not open a connection to SQL Server" Publishing to Tableau Online


I'll be back before February, I promise. If you have any feedback, please drop it in the comments. What do you come here for? What do you want more of? What could you stand less of? What's your favorite Drake song? You prefer Flannery O'Connor's short stories or novels?


Until next time.

Morning Tableaun Rangers,


As I'm sure you are all aware, the Tableau Customer Conference begins next week in the quaint, hidden desert gem of Las Vegas, Nevada. It should be an intimate affair replete with responsible decisions and plenty of silent sustained reading. Make sure to take copious mental notes about all the incredible workbooks you create while in Vegas, because from what I understand they will have to stay in Vegas when you leave. Outrageous – I know, but from what I understand those are the rules. When you get to the airport to leave, they will search your bag, find anything that happened in Vegas, and insist that it stay in Vegas. It's a very delicate ecosystem, and the Las Vegas Tourism Council thanks you for your cooperation.


Enjoy some Quick Fix gems before I pai gow my savings account into oblivion.


Have you ever wanted to slide dates across multiple data sources? Well, now you can!


Creating a Slider Filter that Filters a Range Across Multiple Data Sources


Did you get a Dell, Dude? And sometimes Tableau stops unexpectedly on that Dell? You should read this:


Error "Tableau has stopped working" Opening or Saving a File on a Dell Computer


Are you planning to configure SAML or add a new worker to your Tableau Server environment? Take a look at these!


Error "Worker Initialization Failed" When Adding Worker


Error "Cannot store non-PrivateKeys" After Configuring SAML Authentication

Greetings Tableaunauts,


Time for another exciting edition of KCS Quick Fix Article News. If you are a dedicated follower of the blog (and I assume you are – how could you not be? We were named Best Knowledge Base Based Blog at the 19th annual Fabricated Knowledge Base Writing Yearly Achievement Awards), you will know that there are so many new articles being published and updated every week, that a  list of the articles is not the most valuable way to use this space. So, we made a dashboard with all the articles published or updated in the last month and put it on Tableau Public:


Articles Edited and Published Last Month


I would also like to point your attention towards this Quick Fix regarding an error some Google Chrome users were seeing:


Error "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier" When Viewing Workbook in Chrome

Below is an article for all of our Mac Tableau Desktop users, in case you ever need to do a clean install of Tableau Desktop to restore default settings, here is how you do that on a Mac:


Completely Removing Tableau Desktop from the Mac


Thanks for stopping by!

I have some good news and some bad news, Zen Maestros and Maestras.


The good news: We are cranking out Quick Fix articles at an astounding rate.

The bad news: The rate at which we are cranking out new Quick Fix articles has rendered these posts effectively useless.


A list of 40+ articles every week does not seem like a valuable use for this space, so we're going to play with the format a little bit. Instead of throwing a stack of links at you every week, I am going to highlight a few new articles every week.


The first article new quick fix on display this week is one that I could see being helpful for newer Tableau Desktop users:



I wanted to highlight this article because it's a relatively simple concept that helps illustrate a key difference between .twb files and .twbx files. For a long time I thought that a .twb was any workbook with a live connection, and a .twbx was any workbook with an extract. A .twb can still have an extract for a data source. The difference between a .twb file with an extract data source and a .twbx file with an extract is that the .twbx file is self-contained, while a .twb file will save the connection information to the original source of the extract.


The other article I am highlighting today is a must read for any Tableau Server admin:



With the introduction of Tableau Server 9.0 and the new coordination service, in environments where disk I/O was restricted to less than 5 MBPS, either average throughput or as a result of occasional spikes, the Tableau repository periodically restarted, which put Tableau Server into a "Degraded" state and made it unavailable. If you have experienced any Postgres instability since upgrading to 9.0, I highly recommend reviewing the article above.


My plan for the time being is to highlight one Tableau Server and One Tableau Desktop related article every week, but that could change depending on your feedback. If you have any thoughts, please let me know. Also, let me know if you are a Tableau Server admin, a Tableau Desktop power user, or something in between.


Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend.

Thank you, kind Zen Masters for your exceptional patience the last few weeks as our peerless documentation and KCS teams have been working hard to slash through the backlog of new articles for you. Please enjoy the 34 new Quick fix articles below, and let me know if you have any questions about them.




Happy Solstice to all of our Northern Hemisphere Zen Masters!


Enjoy all that daylight. And to our Southern Hemisphere Zen Masters, Happy Solstice! The days are only getting longer now, so everybody gets to celebrate. While we're at it, let's celebrate all these new Quick Fixes:



And let's not forget all these articles that were updated. Let's celebrate them as well. Wouldn't want them feeling left out:


This is the part where I implore you to ask questions about the updates if you have them, but no one ever seems to have one. Prove me wrong.


Thanks for reading.

Good afternoon Tableau Zen Masters and Tableau Zen Apprentices,



I skipped a week so today I present to you the KCS Quick Fix articles published and updated in the last two weeks. Newly published articles below:



And the articles updated in the last two weeks can be found below:



Let me know if you have any questions about the updated articles.


Thanks for reading.

Greetings Tableau Friendos,


Please give a warm welcome to the newest addition to the internet – this Knowledge Base article:



It's a must read for any Tableau Online Users.


We also improved the following KBs:



What this edition of the Quick Fix Roundup is lacking in size, it makes up for in heart.

Thanks for reading. Come back soon.

Greetings from Tableau HQ in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Thanks for your patience while I was out of town last week. While I was gone, the superlative Technical Support and Documentation teams here at Tableau published some new Quick Fix articles for your perusing pleasure:



The following articles were updated:




If you have any questions about the changes made to the articles above, please let me know. I will go investigate and return with an answer as soon as I can.


Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend.

Greetings friendly Tableauzos,


Did you know April is national Poetry month? Let's celebrate with some haikus:


Three new quick fixes–

To be seen and understood,

much like your data.


Recently published quick fix articles:



They were not enough.

We fix quick fixes, for you–

It's what you deserve.


Recently updated Quick Fix articles:



If you have questions,

do not hesitate to ask.

We are here to help.


Perhaps the next post

will be all sonnets, free verse,

or limericks. Yikes.


All that money spent

on Bachelor's in English,

finally worth it.


We'll be back next week.

It will be a lot less weird–

I promise to you.

Greetings data visualizers. We have a fresh crop of  Quick Fix articles written for you by The Official Best Technical Support Team in the Known Universe, Objectively*.  The first article on the list is especially notable for any Tableau Public users. Tableau Public 9.0 is not compatible with Tableau Desktop versions 8.2.3 and earlier.



Articles updated this week by our team of preternaturally gifted support luminaries:


If you have any questions about the changes made to the updated articles, let me know, so that I may investigate and report my findings back to you.


Long days and pleasant nights to you all until next week.


*title unofficial